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Father Rights Child Custody North Carolina

The Southern Poverty Law Center has filed a lawsuit against the South Carolina Department of Social Services over the case involving a child that was born with an intersex condition now this child who is identified as MC was born with both male and female reproductive organs however while the child was under the custody of the state they made the decision for him to but remove his testicles and penis in order to make him a girl however now that the child is eightyearsold he identifies as a male and the adoptive parents and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Would like to sue the state after making that decision for him they believe that is constitutional rights were violated I should know that and since the nineteen fifties many states in the US did pass laws that allow healthcare providers to make that decision for the babies I’m and it’s problematic it’s definitely problematic because there’s no way to determine how that child will identify once he or she grows up remember sex and gender are two completely different things you might be born with one sex but you might have a completely different gender.

Identity can I feel so bad for that kid and so I don’t think that the status South Carolina was necessarily acting maliciously I bet the that if you ask those people they it was a heartwrenching decision for them and they didn’t know how to go about it apparently it’s easier to do the surgery where your move the male genitalia oppose the female genitalia I and I would be shocked if they weren’t doing it out over desire to help the kid I think I think you’re right about that usually.

Babys Genitals Removed Under State Custody, Adoptive Parents Sue

The intentions are good they just don’t want the child to have a complicated life later on I’m but you just don’t know how that child will identify later so making that decision for him or her is is a disastrous way to go about it because look now this child identifies as a boy and he lost his male reproductive organs no is yeah there’s no question about done and as a reading a story about Harry you like well obviously can’t get that back even though he’s avoiding ride.

He his gender is avoid house oh you feel so terrible about I feel sick to my stomach think it all my god what did you do that poor kid you know I’ll but I felt conflicted about the lawsuit so I feel like I’m not sure they’d allow to malice but at the same time you know um in some other guys made a good pointer in a production meeting that they you know look this is how we get to the right place right to set precedent and if this case at I mean.

First of all other defendants in this case wanted the lawsuit to be dropped however the a federal judge ruled know we will go forward because there could have been a violation a constitutional violation here I’m so that the case will go forward and I think it’s important for to go forward because this does if it does I if the Southern Poverty Law Center in the adoptive parents do win this lawsuit it does set a precedent and it will make changes throughout the country when it comes to dealing with these situations.

As as difficult as the decision is you shouldn’t mass with someone’s reproductive you know organs until he or she is old enough to make that decision for him or herself yes so what in reality is money rules lot of things right so the next time estate goes to do that them I think all remember South Carolina got sued so and what’s lot of money so we should think twice you know they should have thought twice already I mean given what we know now you know obviously don’t make that decision for.

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