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Father’s Right To Name Birth Certificate

Wife’s me while speaking of not mainstream the other day rush limbaugh was arguing that Ted Cruz’s not in any way marginal his beloved by are all the world and everything he says makes sense I am is certainly beloved by this man who raised him from the small pup I who apparently is are looking for a new way up saying hey maybe the blacks should go back to africa and here it is it is Ted Cruz is a father Raphael during a 2012 some speech this tutorial is making its way around again but i guess its just come out are.

Saying claiming the president Obama never says the words in God We Trust the during the Pledge of Allegiance because he’s a marxist whose implementing a UN agenda 21 and should go back to africa I I’ll let’s hear it just so that you can be sure I’m not making that up you have heard resigned way yes all well heads world all hey almost hours his or so I hate we have won’t last this is a man that CS Lewis police royal all wholesale call however while this is.

Plus call marcy all car owners very risque Marcil wire the sprawling law the call okay mo I okay here I’ll all he’s Irish way peaceful KO’s perot people’s okay the United sustainable all adults you know is all of well sprawling property rights ice all all flawless well however who have all this 3 what you are hearing or prime who’ll I here are resource said believe you have a nation Howell K usually had a they are she wearing all for United Nations lot acceding not horrible and oh I was very worthwhile big dollars.

Obama, Go Back to Kenya! says Canadian Ted Cruzs CubanBorn Father

So holiday we are all will be spending right now I’m goin visiting our a game where your there you have it arm one other things that the I think we need to really commend Rafael Cruz for is pointing out that if a marxist actually says the words under God in the pledge allegiance I he melts that’s why even though everybody’s going to be watching President Obama because he’s the president when he says the pledge allegiance heey just can’t say those words which is why he always leaves them how to the pledge allegiance to that as the.

Sale well i forgot the yeltsin absolutely a heard lie not say the phrase a under well you know what or I’m are there will be disastrous a consequence as far as are not in person arms already find a strategy to be lou Charmelle turning that’s the it’s also tied into everybody knows that I the one thing the classical Marxist can’t do is they can fake a certificate of live birth but they cannot take a person to forget and they cannot say under the words under God in public.

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