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Fathers Rights In Jail

Hey there juggies it is your old pal McJuggerNuggets here trying to lug a bunch of fifty pound fertilizer bags. Hahhaha, look how hard he is trying. Could you at least drop the camera and help me a little bit Nah that is you dude, dude. It is like fucking fifty pounds. Are you sure they are fifty they are not like sixtytwo You were supposed to be brought here to help. Not film me and be an asshole. I’m doing what I was told. Jesse yelling. Laughing. More laughing. Oh my God he is so fizzed up.

Jesse leave them alone. Hey, carrying it like a real man. Going to lug all that shit. I am not even going to acknowledge you. Not even going to acknowledge me You know with your muscles you think you could carry some fifty pound bags, pussy. Dad told me not to. I think that’s what he said, yeah. He said Jefferey don’t you dare pick up any those bags. Jesse has to take all of them to theLaughing. More laughing You know what this is fucking bullshit. This is fucking bullshit.

Dude you are not even carrying fertilizer. Jesus Christ what are you doing Hey, hey, hey, hey. He is fucking filming me while I am doing work. This is the whole problem. Put that damn camera down. Jezz I told you not to let that get in the way. No you break one and he has got another one. It is bullshit. Break one what The camera! Oh well what the hell, you brought it. It does not matter. You brought it. Remember you said something about it. Look, you brought him to do work and I am the only one doing work.

Psycho Kid Gets Arrested

You only have twelve bags of fertilizer to put on that truck. Yeah, and they are fifty pounds and you are sitting in here doing nothing. Yeah, that is right, I am the boss. Yeah, and I am what Your slave You agreed to it. You stop fucking filming! I am tired of it! You are lucky. Grrr, I am so steaming mad You are so fucking lucky. You dumbass smirk behind the camera. Why don’t you help me for once You know how many bags I have done over my life time.

All three talking Twelve is not going to kill you. Calm down. I am calm! You are not calm. Yeah I am, but this is bullshit. Tell him to work. You just going to let him film Cut it out, come on. Get out of here with that thing, jezz. Now look, you are letting the games get in your head. That is all you want to do is game. It is in your head man. Jesse yelling with frustration You are really going to go through that, fucking tutorial games.

Yeah, something is wrong with you man. I am going to call the cops. Let me help you. Come on man what the fuck. Calm it down. You do not know what he is like. You do not know what he is like. Calm down! You need help. That is what you need. You do not look calm. Calm it down. I am calm. Man all this effort could Have been put in to you carrying bags. I am sorry about your store! It is just everyone is ganging up on me.

No body is ganging up on you. You are losing it man. I am not fucking losing it! There was only twelve bags. Laughing Take it outside. Yelling Whats going on Who the fuck is this Get rid of that fucking camera. What the fuck why is there a cop Get him the fuck out of here. Look I am not doing anything wrong. You need to calm down. I need yo to calm down. I am calm. Get rid of that fucking camera. I am calm. I am calm. Get him the fuck out of here.

No you take my Dad away, you have no idea what he has been doing. What is your name What is your name Jesse. What is going on Lets take this outside. My Dad, he is making me work for him. I am a fucking slave. Outside, outside. I am not leaving! I told you to get rid of that camera. Yes sir, yes sir. Chill out. Look I know how this shit goes down. How does it go down I play grand theft auto, I know how this works. Get him out of here.

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