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Kate Winslet is being targeted by fathers rights groups after she had an interview with Vogue and she said the following to decide about her three kids okay she has three kids up from three different men and apparently she likes out full custody of them she says this up people go oh my god those poor children they must have got there so much says who they’ve always been with me they don’t go from pillar to post they’re not flown here in there with Manny’s that’s never happened my kids don’t go back and forth.

None in this fifty fifty time with the moms and dads my children with me that’s it that is it so people really upset about that because they felt like she was taking visitation rights away from the fathers in this case right so I a father’s rights group put out an add against Kate Winslet let’s take a quick look at it and it says Kate every child deserves their father this Christmas and it’s not too happy about that she’s actually suing because she feels that it is misleading and seriously defamatory.

Yet should I go with it but a Sam Mendes who is the father wanted kids the the director he’s like hate look I support fathers rights but backup your apps happening in my family exactly and a defender ya sry now I am i as you know I love kate winslow whether you know that but a but kinda but she’s awesome Bob but she’s made a huge mistake in life because of her current husband show everything she does is clouded by the fact that her husband’s name is Ned Rocknroll.

Kate Winslets Parenting Upsets Fathers Rights Group

The universal flu no that’s okay can week but i wanna for once I get Kate Winslet is literally my favorite actress and she’s in my favorite movie of all time Revolutionary Road which people don’t understand but I love it sorry sure not exactly the little America we’re now it’s such a good movie but anyway I I which I remember telling Jake like she’s my favorite actors is like you know she’s married to a guy with the last name rocknroll from and I lost a significant here is really tough want to know why would.

And consider such a classy woman such a classy and held a woman what would make you want to marry a guy with that last name she plays classic undoubtedly we don’t really know or graduation like said look the same thing meant you know women dart racket maybe it shouldn’t take the nyquil another dead maybe or something I don’t know or maybe even a little goes back to the world seems unlike what does this mean that drive talk about a little bit uh project else is peace yeah a.

So for sale is a great picture they have a prayer on their dad so if I was her I’d be a little flatter waka you know what I mean by this some bad pictures a mere eight if they needed an ad and they put a picture as good as this up man blowing up a beekeeper up we’re perfect pitch was not a weighted grocery store I’ll tell you that yes well it’s terrific the saleable II like what she sayin hellish but I am Not sure I agree with that concept but it’s not up to meet agree.

With their concepts MN is right we don’t know their family right maybe the guys are happy that maybe that’s the extent later huddled together give that all she’s got a governor right thanks got great me yeah and I hope I was that that’s not how I would feel but I’m not in her from marriage in a manner family that’s what he’s going to try to get attention over its annoying and I like men’s justice was I’ll come on come on right yes I think I think there’s a place for justice groups like this because when it.

Comes to parental rights I think a lot of times guys do get screwed over so I don’t have a problem with the message they’re sending I just think that they’re taking one interview that Kate Winslet had and they’re just kinda using that as a way of spreading their message in and their point but again like it I mean I know we’ve said this ad nauseam a at this point but you don’t know what person jewish in is she probably shouldn’t have said know this fifty 50 business like that that sounds bad she shouldn’t have said thatbut.

The flip side as she did use the phrase put a post what happened here comes out what does that mean is yeah I don’t its British I nobody’s going over from one place to another all over the place right okay go below to post a link to an end so but it’s not like that’s why this year with you sandra bullock comparison I ever like Center both attacks every knows that Kate Winslet in the past I said some things that are intelligent I mean I’m kidding around cement pillar to post me she’s smart.

Right but like that she’s conductor soul in in interviews in a way that gives me a sense this is a really smart person and a better choice more I think she’s attracted to bad boys that’s like she’s the $10 billion yes smart woman to be attracted about what I don’t think that reply right but you just but I’m with bandana and Ben and unfortunately in this case here Ned Rocknroll is just not acceptable periodicals and I said well I know I thought here’s the online story about a year and a half ago when they got.

Married five things to know about Ned Rocknroll on I’ll cop he was born Abel Smith went out luckily balanced he’s not he’s barely he’s not a rocker allstock he was able to change his name I also Abel Smith changes name to Ned rockandroll he’s Richard Branson’s nephew networks apparently for Virgin Galactic the space travel division at the Branson Empire doing what we can’t be sure purple I R you can repay with Liz’s husband it’s unclear when there’s an roger is unclear whether they never met before but all non VIP is no.

Is that Winslow Winslet arrives branson’s vacation home on Necker Island in August 2011 with her kids and a Berber remodel and left with Ned Rocknroll damn girl yeah I wrong I’m say so on three this is in his first rodeo rock n roll was married for two years to British socialite elisa Pearson the daughter Ruth para green John Dickens impatient or the discount code red II well you home or in denver is the only men rock and roll yeah that would have made a it so I mean think this guy regrets the child.

I’ll unbelievable privilege who has taken that and work trip for the thing that made him privileged any dates socialites change his name to Ned Rocknroll why I me if she doesn’t packing see what could be coming here with federal they’ve I’d heard that there’s a big move it to change the that term douchebag to that rocket I know this is a great irony we understand that we’re telling everybody hate to fathers for just the back of your own or private life ton and that we’ve or later is there prior alive they’d never buy Euros.

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