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Occidental College has decided to tackle sexual assault and rape on its campus by creating a new online program where women and men they go to the campus can report any type of sexual harassment or assault or rape anonymously it’s known as a sexual violence anonymous reporting system and a group uh people on reddit is a sub read it for men’s rights activists are very upset about it because they feel that anyone can anonymously make any type the plane that they want and then of course someone is accused and the University will take action.

Against them up now what these men’s rights activists did is they decided to start filing reports on the system that were completely faulty they were made up I just to give you an example what they said they said feminism Occidental College created an online form to anonymously report rape and sexual assault you just fill out a form and the person is called into the office on a rape charge the big to never have to prove anything or reveal identity so what they decide to do as i mentioned as they went on there they started making.

False reports and false claims one person said looks like there’s an epidemic occidental particularly female on female salt even though most of these will be a scrub I promise the numbers will be kept and used to justify the program’s another redditor wrote I like this where can I fill it in I’ve been raped all over the place let’s get submitting boys has anyone been raped by the dean of women studies surely somebody so haha they’re spamming this does so that they basically overload the system right and make a mockery of it.

Anonymous Rape Reporting Does It Create Or Solve Problems

I now I have been interesting to us for civil I hear you guys fill out the the fake rape forms I are despicable and stupid okay and so on let me be clear about that what you doing right because it this summer league could legitimately have been raped in there tryna get some sourdough they try to address it in some way you’re making a mockery of it if you saw the person who was raped I don’t think you do it right but you’re anonymous in your online.

And you haven’t bon haha I arranged to buy the it was it’s not funny right and you not a comedian so I’m totally against now on the other hand okay I don’t agree with Occidental College and I think could have picked a more constructive way up fighting back against this program right now I’m curious to what your opinion on it is but if somebody called me and said no your anonymous reported as a rapist I would be livid leaded no look week its there’s too much sexual assault by campus will cover that story.

Right and the universities as do a lot better job in addressing sometimes this week but on the table because they don’t want to hurt their numbers right as a noun egregious story but is not the right way to handle it know they say hear that that is intended to identify and address troubling trends they will not result in anyone going to the grievance process and Bart they also say the Dean of Students Office will meet with that person sure the person was named an anonymous report and ask that person.

If the allegations are true so in other words yes of course they know who you are and they do call you n and they may maybe they don’t file formal charges against you because your accusers anonymous so they can’t file charges against you but you got the scarlet letter yeah now this is problematic if yes we had a couple different what’s right number one it’s not fair to you number two people could make it up yet you have to really focus on what you want the and result to be right so let’s say you are victim a rape.

If you anonymously report that rape okay so maybe some sort of investigation can go forward but the reality is if you want to press charges or you want to ensure that that person is not place in a dormir you are you want to get them outta that university and and the rape allegations are true the reality is you need evidence you can just go on a Web site and accuse someone to bring and hope that the University handles it there needs to be a rape kit there needs to be some sort of evidence indicating that he or she did something.

That was illegal and wrong and if you don’t I’ll identify yourself and you don’t provide that evidence nothing is really going to happen and you write check the only thing that really six teams and is kinda tarnishing the name someone without really providing the evidence to indicate that he or she did what they’re accused of so I don’t I don’t think that it’s gonna she what we really want to achieve if universities are serious about addressing cases of sexual assault and rape what needs to happen is when a woman or man comes to you and says hey.

This happen to me and here is some evidence II wanna go to a doctor I want to get a rape kit with the uterus may have to take that seriously and launched an investigation and so do with Ortiz yeah he can be worried about your numbers 0 people are gonna come if they find that there’s been to a special sauce I campus cuz that’s why they’re concerned about but look so the subreddit guys were wrong in doing this if you ask me obviously rated they executed their message was not appropriate however.

I understand where they’re coming from right because some people might be vindictive they might utilize this website to just harass someone or tarnish their name or what what happened right but what would be an for worse abusive this is a people started putting in the names have guys tasted like but they felt had wronged them in some other way and that has a a dual problem one your total is who and i got it over it and on believably unacceptable way that slow like charges that we really really heavy George.

The smear someone with anything is that just did a student’s god knows how many people find out about that right I would guide the anger I would have someone falsely accuse me is unbelievable right so then so I understand a supervisor and the second thing you do is to over people who actually got raped right Ackley because then people sit say why don’t know man I don’t know what’s real and what’s not real remember when they chris said Bobby did it turned out it was his exgirlfriend was just pissed.

That I’m or turned out it was a joke from class would like him about it you know oh yeah I’ll get him a show about and by the way people out this great report just to be absolutely clear we have no evidence that there’s some epidemic love you know female college students going on there falsely accusing people raped however with that said again if you want to address this very serious issue you have to provide evidence you can just say I got raped on a website board online form and expect someone to handle it.

There needs to be some sort of evidence again I know is that it like the bill for the billionth time but it’s just I think it’s not going to get anything done I don’t understand what the University things is gonna happen let’s say someone actually did rape a female college student she anonymously report said okay so you comin to the office and what do you do you like what your finger at him you have no evidence you can’t press any charges or launch an investigation so doesn’t do anything.

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