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Fathers Rights Vermont

You know, we live in a world todayand it really is depressing to think about it We live in a world today where there are several hundred million people starving to death. They’re starving to death right now. We live in a world. where my guess is that between all the superpowers and the other nations of the world close to one trillion dollars are being spent every single year on weapons on more and more nuclear bombs, on the most sophisticated nerve gases which can wipe people out, and paralyze them. and yet, with all the brilliance, and all the fine.

Technology, and all the robots, and the great medical research they do do up there in the hospital, and all the other hospitals, civilization has an advanced one bloody iota for the last thousands of years. I think all over this country today there is a certain demoralization, and the demoralization is that some people believe that what goes on in the white house, and what goes on in the congress reflects the will of the American people and by assembling here today as the Rainbow Coalition and other groups from 46 States of America what we are saying.

Very loud and clear, is that Ronald Reagan and his billionaire friends do not represent America, but we do. Working class kids who once had the dream that all Americans have, that if you do your homework and you do what you’re supposed to, MAYBE you’ll go to college That dream is gone. it’s horrible in some of the largest cities in America 50 of It’s horrible. In some of the largest cities in America 50 of the kids are not graduating high school. The cost of college education in this.

Bernie Sanders Then and Now 19852015

Country zooming up, so you have to be a wealthy person to send your kid to college. There was once a dream that my parents had and many people’s parents had that if you worked hard, you can go to school, you can get a college education. But what people like this gentleman do not know is for example, that in Scandinavia In Sweden, you have socialist governments for decades and in fact that country is probably in most respects, more democratic than the United States They have 8090 of the people voting, they have strong labor unions, they have a more open media.

They have a health care system guaranteeing healthcare to all of their people. Not to say that’s a Utopia But, to say, in Canada north of us, you have two provinces which have been governed by Socialist type of governments. So to equate socialism with communism is simply ignorance and I’m afraid that too much of that ignorance exists in our own country. More and more of my patients just can’t afford to pay for health care and I’m sure a lot of you afraid that if someone in your family gets sick.

You won’t be able to pay the bill. This year I’m voting for Bernie Sanders because he’ll fight for a national health care system that works for everyone. Bernie Sanders. It’s time for change. Real Change. But at a time when the wealthiest people in this country have seen a tremendous increase in their income while at the same time the standard of living of working people and poor people has declined I will be damned if I will vote for a proposal which will stick it to the middle class and the working people.

How do we get to the root causes of crime How do we stop crime Which is in fact a very very serious problem in this country. And Mr. Speaker I’ve got a problem. I’ve got a problem with a president and a congress which allows five million children go hungry, two million people to sleep out on the streets, cities that become breeding grounds for drugs and violence. And they say We’re getting tough on crime. If you want to get tough on crime, let’s deal with the causes of crime.

Let’s demand that every man, woman and child in this country have a decent opportunity and a decent standard of living. Let’s not keep putting poor people into jail and disproportionately punishing blacks. While children go hungry and sleep out on the streets, lack adequate healthcare, or educational opportunity the wealthiest people in this country have grown far richer, while their tax burden has declined. The children suffer while the wealthy the super rich ride about in their fancy limousines going out to the golf courses to spend their time. It is no secret that the.

President of the united states and the united states congress do not represent the needs of ordinary Americans and one of the major reasons for that is that we have an approach the campaign financing which to a very large degree allows wealthy people in major corporations to buy and sell politicians the rich get richer the poor get poorer and ordinary Americans are shut out of the political system the american people know that this institution by and large doesn’t have the guts to stand up and do the right thing that the United States today is.

One of two nations in the industrialized world with campaign finance reports the United States today the chief executive and the gap between the rich and the poor ten million americans with campaign finance reform the system is controlled by big money interests and the president of the united states and the congress does the work of protecting the big corporations and the wealthy people who control the economic and political life of this thing and what this whole debate is about is finally saying let us limit the amount of money that could be spent on Elections let us have a level playing.

Field that’s what the debate is about first point but i wanna talk about the concerns me very much is my fear that this country was great country this democracy is evolving into an oligarchy and an oligarchy is a country in which a few people have tremendous well and tremendous power and exercise not well and that power over all of the people all over this country the American people are outraged by the misplaced priorities that we have seen in washington over the last decade we have seen a situation where we give huge tax.

Breaks to the wealthy and you have two million people sleeping on the street billions of dollars of all kinds of obsolete weapons systems and you have five million children who are hungry we have all seen the dramatic press conferences on the need for a line item veto for a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution and the magical formula for dealing with the deficit crisis well today we’re not dealing with magical formula I we’re dealing with concrete reality it is frankly to put up or shut up give hope to people in america today.

Who have lost hope let us provide jobs for the jobless housing for the homeless food for the hungry workers in the United States today working longer out significantly longer out taking less vacations than they used to take and is there anyone why so many millions of Americans feel stressed out the need to work longer hours they need to work overtime in order to compensate for the real decline in their wake how can we spend after debating a five million dollar appropriation but not not have any books when we are talking about putting at risk twenty billion dollars.

Of taxpayer money than I’m saying is that if you gonna tell lowincome senior citizens in the state of remarks with the weather gets 30 below zero but we can’t help them pay their fuel bills I think you have a deep moral obligation to make sure that not one cent tax payers money goes to subsidize wealthy corporations who can take care of their only talk about welfare let’s look about welfare for the rich and the powerful and we start off a proposition to the wealthiest one percent of the population in this country owns more wealth than.

The bottom 90 so we gonna guess it’s not interesting we talked about the growth of the economy what we should ask ourselves is who is gaining and what is clearly going on is the Lions ship overwhelming amount of the gross income is going to the very very wealthiest people while the vast majority of the people are saying but decline in their real incomes this is what the reality is going to be an individual is going to be in a downtown someplace and that person needs twenty or thirty dollars and that person is.

Gonna put their caught in an ATM machine and what they’re gonna find out at some point is that they are being charged $2 or $3 or maybe more to get $20 off their own money out of a bank and frankly madame chair that is an outrage that is a consumer rip off and it is our job as representatives of the american people to stop those ripples is usually well because in the long run let me put in the long run it’s going to really help every now and the fact that.

The rich today richest 1 while the bottom 90 the fact that the CEO’s make two hundred times board there were some magical way of all gonna come down one of the issues that we don’t talk about facts amazing how little we do talk about in the country but has always amazing is that with all of the booming economy and all of the new technology it turns out that american workers working many longer hours than they did fifteen twenty years ago I find it ironic that it is the.

Taxpayers of this country we’re gonna have to bail out banks that have made billions and billions of dollars investing in Asia huge profits I don’t know how we keep talking about a booming economy if only the people on the top but doing so well we don’t want to create a climate with some 13 year old girl has not thinking about an issue because my mom said that she may get into trouble is it morally right that CEOs of large corporations now make over five hundred times with networks make it seem to make more money.

To the degree that they lay off american workers the question miss the speaker is not whether we like saddam hussein or not the question is whether he represents an imminent threat to the American people and whether a unilateral American invasion of Iraq will do more harm than good and i must tell you that your testimony today only concern confirms all of my suspicions and I urge you i mean the serious because you’re an honest person I think you just don’t know what’s going on in the real world and I would urge you come with me to.

Meet real people the country clubs and the cocktail parties are not real America the millionaires and billionaires are the exception to the rule walmart has replaced general motors as the major employer in america paying people starvation wages rather than living wages and all of that does not matter to you doesn’t matter get an answer my question do you agree with the president that it’s a good question body is pledged to do everything that he or she can to protect the American people from the horrendous scourge of terrorism we believe that we can fight.

Tourism protect the American people without undermining the basic constitutional rights which may cause a free country let us remember that in the nineteen forty in the Americans without any pretext were herded into internment camps in the nineteen sixties a president of the United States President Kennedy by the FBI in the 1960’s want Luther King junior who some of us considered to be one of the great heroes of the 20th century was investigated by the FBI small family farmer is the backbone of the community from coast to coast people know about the plight of the family farm.

That’s what I’m here to do is support Bernie Sanders and everything he has done for america small family farmer bernie is approved the gates let me add my voice of the other senators here in applauding you’re not just for the huge amount of money that you have provided all kinds of groups but the innovative quality of your foundation that you and your wife and not just in the united states all over the world ordinary job they understand that our trade policies are failing when they note that our trade deficit is huge and growing larger every single year and it.

Seems to me mountain president that before we go follow it again in pursuit of a failing grade agenda we might wanna sit back take a moratorium understand why our trade policies are failing and then put together trade agreements that work for the working people in the middle class of this country rather than just the CEOs of large multinational corporations the big oil companies I know that we’re not supposed to talk about too much in the United States Senate but anyone who doesn’t believe that these oil companies.

You political influence over what goes on here in washington are surely kidding themselves the wealthiest one tenth of one percent 1 of 1 300,000 men women and children now earn more income then do the bottom one hundred and fifty million americans what we are dealing with right now is a ruling class in this country who in many ways act like alcoholics and drug addicts they cannot get enough no matter how many children live in poverty no matter how high the unemployment numbers are they want more and more and.

More and I he not people are angry they are angry because they are living through the worst recession since the Great Depression and you want to know why the american people are cynical about what goes on in washington ya wanna know why the congress of the united states has an extremely low level of support a favorability it is because the american people know they are getting ripped off you got millions of people today who are working longer hours and their income is going down their wages like going now maybe they’re paying more for health.

Care their pensions are going now profoundly wrong one tenth of one percent bottom 90 now in the real world what does that mean it means that billion people or worth twenty billion dollars case in the Koch brothers eighty billion dollars if we moved in that direction and ended all limitations on campaign spending they could sit in a room and Madam President you come from a state of Wisconsin a moderate slide state they could write a check out fifty million or a hundred million dollars and it would not matter.

Gmail on 595 mom grotesque level of inequality moral it is bad economics it is unsustainable this economy it’s not what America is supposed to be about your president the problems we face cannot come down from the heavens they are made they are made by bad you make decisions and good decisions can change them this one of the things one of the problems that we have got to deal with right now jim was affirmed its all over this country a lot of bright good people that situation is.

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