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File For Custody Louisiana

For Complex News, I’m Speedy Morman, and here’s some news that’ll make your stomach hurt. According to Buzzfeed, two police officers shot and killed a toddler on Tuesday in Louisiana. The six year old boy, Jeremy Mardis, died after officers guy on left Derrick Stafford and Norris Greenhouse shot the boy and his unarmed father. Both have been arrested and are being charged with murder. Per the report, a chase ensued when the two officers were trying to serve a warrant to the father, Chris Few. After his car was spotted, Few led deputies on a chase, became cornered,.

And the officers opened fire, letting off 18 shots in total. The Louisiana State Police Col. Micheal Edmonson reviewed the body cam footage on one of the officers, and said during a news conference, quote Quote Card via Michael Edmonson it was the most disturbing thing I have ever seen. In regards to the warrant the two officers claimed to have been serving, he added quote Quote Card via Michael Edmonson No warrant has materialized. Two other officers were involved in the shooting, but it is not yet known if they’ll be charged.

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