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Filing For Custody In Wi

Here are a few tips for using Wisconsin efile The Department of Revenue’s free, secure and easy way to file your state tax return. First, check your version of Adobe Reader. You will need version 9.1 or above to use Wisconsin efile. Saving the form to your computer can make filing easier. Right click the form you want to file, select Save target as and choose a location on your computer. Once saved, open the form from your computer to start filing. You can also save your Wisconsin efile form.

And come back to it later. If you are filing Form 1 or claiming a Homestead Credit, you may need to attach documents to your return. These could be from other software, or images of paper documents you have scanned. To attach a file, click the paper clip, click Add, locate the file and click Open. The file will appear in the window. You can also see its file size there. It is best to keep your attachment file sizes under 1 MB for faster filing. If you need to lower the size of a scanned document, try rescanning it. You should choose the lowest.

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