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Florida Child Custody Laws For Grandparents

The questions was is it possible for my grandmother to take custody or placement control of my child and the answer is in limited situations yes generally when a family member who is not the biological parent of the child wants exercise either custody or placement over that child they have a couple options one of them is to petition the court for third party visitation where the court after reviewing the circumstances would then determine that limited placement with this family member of this person is in the child’s best interests.

Or they can petition the court for a termination of the parental rights of either of the biological parents now that is a rather complicated process since you are asking the court to do a very serious thing which is basically determine that the parent should no longer be the legal parent of the child so another person can set in and exercise those rights if any one of these petitions is filed it is a very serious matter and you should absolutely consult with an attorney about both your rights and how you should respond to the situation.

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