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Free Child Custody Calendar Software

My name is Courtney Hester on behalf of Expert Village today we are going to be talking about scheduling computer time for your kids. It is important for your kids to have time limits on the computer and of course the amount of time is to the desecration of the parent. Although younger children do not need as much computer time as older children. One way to schedule time for your kids is to have a chart especially if you have more then one and it would cut down on arguments over who’s turn it is and if they there computer time for.

The day. One chart I like to use is like this, this chart is set up for 9 weeks and it is for my two children and Amanda has her computer time in the morning she could chose any time and then Heather could have her time in the afternoon. The reason that I like this chart is because it helps the kids remember whenif they had there computer time for the day and also helps me remember to. Once each child has had it’s computer time for the day they.

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