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Full Custody In Wisconsin

The question was can the court order me to stay in an y certain geographical area as part of a custody and placement order. The answer is no a court can not force you to stay in any one situation or place, unless you are in prison. When formulating a custody or placement order your location, lifestyle, distance to and from school or work place will be a huge factor in the determination so anytime a parent moves a the other spouse could argue there has been a substantial change the orders should be reevaluated. Now in Wisconsin.

There are some statutory guidelines on when the orders can be revised without argument. In Wisconsin that is if you move 150 miles from where you currently live or if you move out of state. So in your situation I would really contemplate how this is going to impact your children’s lives your life and also the placement schedule that you have arranged with the other party and if you feel this will have a dramatic impact I would consult with an attorney before signing a lease or making plans to move out.

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