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Full Custody Supervised Visitation

Hi I’m Clarice Murphy. I’m the associate director of VIBS family violence and rape crisis center. I want to congratulate SEPA Mujer on their 21st Annual Gala. And I’m so excited to represent VIBS as the honoree for Partnership of the Year award. We are really thrilled to be recognized for our work together with SEPA. The most important part for all of us is that we feel we’re able to help victims of these crimes who many not otherwise access the services, get them in a way that’s in their own language and ways.

That they understand really what’s going on with the legal system, and can access all of their rights and begin to live lives free of fear. I’ve been at the agency for close to 30 years at this point and I can tell you that our work with SEPA Mujer has probably been among the most important work we’ve done. The motivation around this issue is to know everyone deserves justice, you know, everyone deserves access to all the systems that can help, and VIBS and SEPA Mujer have been working so hard to make sure all victims.

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