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Gossip Girl Mom Loses Custody

Last month the Teagart family of Cedar Mill, Oregon set off a firestorm of controversy after petitioning the state for the right to end the life of their 13 year old braindead daughter. Jean Ann Whorton takes us beyond the facts. Caitlin Teagart was a beautiful, lively girl who loved laughing and playing outside, but all that changed at the age of 12. Caitlin slipped into a persistent vegetative state, confining her almost entirely to her bed and Facebook. She doesn’t even have basic motor functions any more. We literally have to drag her to the car.

To drive her to school in the morning. She’s totally unresponsive when we talk to her. Her eyes just roll back in her head. Caitlin, honey It’s your dad. With no hope that their daughter would ever recover, the Teagarts decided to seek legal permission to end Caitlin’s life. It is the most difficult decision we’ve ever had to make but we just keep reminding ourselves that the real Caitlin is already gone. That’s just her body texting. But the Teagarts soon found themselves at the center of a heated controversy.

As euthanasia opposition groups mobilized to stop them. These protesters say the groans and exasperated sighs Caitlin sometimes makes prove there is hope for recovery. But the Teagarts’ physician, Doctor Kevin DeBacker disagrees. The sounds and movements that Caitlin makes are caused by random synapses firing in what’s left of her brain tissue as a response to atmospheric changes, like it being cold in a restaurant, or her mother bursting into her room even though there is a little thing called privacy. Doctor DeBacker believes euthanasia is a humane way to end Caitlin’s suffering.

BrainDead Teen, Only Capable Of Rolling Eyes And Texting, To Be Euthanized

We give her one painless injection, and that’s it. Her eyes may flutter a bit or she may murmur Are you for real killing me right now , but then her struggle will finally be over. Back at the Teagart home, the family is already preparing for life without Caitlin. It’s hard, but we know we’re making the right decision. Her organs can help other children. We can give her eyes to someone who would actually use them to read a book. I have cramps. And I don’t even. What would you tell other parents.

I want parents out there to go home tonight and hug their kids and be thankful they don’t have such a pisspoor attitude. For Beyond The Facts, I’m Jean Ann Whorton. Three days ago Caitlin’s life was legally ended. Caitlin, by the way, was the first Oregon resident to undergo the procedure since 2009 when a dentist had his receptionist euthanized after she was unable to perform any function other than eating all the candy in the waiting room. A recent study from the Centers for Disease Control finds that over 100 million children are being exposed.

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