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How To Get Custody From Unfit Mother

Brooke How dare you come here and scare me like that Stephanie If you think you’re scared now you wait untill you hear what I have to say to you. Sit up Brooke! I’ve got a dose of reality for you that I’m about to deliver Brooke Don’t talk me that way Stephanie Stephanie Oh, yes I will! Brooke Oh no, you won’t! Not any more! It’s all slipping away from you, it’s slipping through your fingertips. Your worst nightmare about to be realized Brooke Logan Forrester just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. And guess who is in love with her Ridge!.

Stephanie I didn’t think it was possible Brooke What Stephanie That you can sink any lower Brooke Oh don’t bore me, I’ve heard all this before Stephanie You are so desperate Brooke Do I look desperate to you Stephanie No, you don’t because you think you won, but you haven’t. Brooke, you’ve given up any vestige of dignity that you had left to make a futile last grab for Ridge Brooke I’m not trying to hold on to him Stephanie Are you going to tell me that what happened in that cabin was a spontaneous act of God.

Brooke I was running away from Ridge! That’s why. I didn’t play this snow storm, I didn’t play going into labor Stephanie Then why did you call him Why did you create this crisis And why did you go to a place where was so easy for him to find you Brooke Stephanie the situation created itself. Call it destiny. Things happen the way they supposed to Stephanie You know, this would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic. Brooke Oh just get out of here! Stephanie How many times do I have to tell you You’re not going to have him! I don’t.

Stephanie visits Brooke at the hospital after Bridgets bith BB 1993

Care if he delivers ten babies, he is in love with his wife! Brooke You weren’t there Stephanie. You don’t know what he did. Helping me bring our beautiful baby girl into this world. And she is our baby girl Stephanie You’re deluding yourself Brooke No, not this time. The way he looked at me, the way he treated me I’ve seen that before. I’m not pursuing Ridge, I don’t have to. His marriage to Taylor is going to fall apart on its own, completely on its own Stephanie Let me tell you something and I’m warning you! There is nothing, nothing.

That I won’t do to keep you from ruining my son’s life Brooke Stephanie Oh you think you can, but let me paint a picture exactly of what I can do for you, and if you heard it before, please, by all means, just stop me Brooke So what do you intend to do Stephanie Do you know how long I’ve been part of the fashion industry Brooke Probably centuries Stepanie I’m the wife of a legend Brooke The exwife of a legend Stephanie No, that’s not how it is perceived Brooke. I’m the Mrs Eric Forrester always.

Have been and always will be, and even you, with your limited vision noticed that Brooke What is your point Stephanie Stephanie I’m a woman of some influence. Just how long do you think that it’ll take me, with all of my connections to get the world out about you Brooke What are you talking about Stephanie Adultery! First with my husband and then with my son. I’m talking about three, one, two, three illegitimate children. Let me paint a picture for you of exactly what I can do to your life by simply telling the truth.

Brooke You threatening to slander me Is that what you’re saying Stephanie It isn’t slander if it’s based on the truth, and this certainly is the truth, isn’t that You had been pregnant three times out of wedlock. You had an extramarital affair with my husband and my son. For God sakes you slept with my son while you were married to his father, and now you’ve just had a baby and you don’t even know who the real father is. I could paint a very unsavory picture of you and every detail would be based on.

The truth Brooke Why Stephanie Why For what cause To ruin me Stephanie No! That is not why I would do it Brooke Then, why Stephanie To protect two innocent children. A brand new little baby and the little boy who spends half his life with the babysitter Brooke How dare you Stephanie These children are nothing but a means to an end for you, and I know that Brooke I love my children! Stephanie You use your children! You always have! You used the first one to try to get.

Ridge to marry you sorry you had a miscarriage! The second one, Eric jr. you used to take my husband away from me! And now, now you’re using this beautiful brand new little baby girl to try to take Ridge away from Taylor. You’re a slut and any court in the land will agree Brooke Court Stephanie Yes, court! And I promise you that’s where I’ll take you if you try and take Ridge away from Taylor. If you do I’ll let loose and rat the hell on you. I’ll make the pornography.

Of your life an open book for everyone to see. And we’ll let the public and the courts decide whether you’re a fit mother or you’re not, or if those children belong with someone else. I’m telling you, I will use every resource that I have and I’ll win because you’ve made it easy for me to win. You stay away from Ridge and Taylor or I’ll cut you into little pieces Brooke Nurse! Nurse! Nurse! Stephanie The patient is upsed. She needs you. You think about what I said because I’ll.

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