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How To Get Emergency Custody In Tennessee

Joining us is tennessee state senators stacy canfield he’s the sponsor of senate bill forty nine summer calling it the don’t say gave bill this is a a controversial bill for sure we’ve been getting a number of emails about it on thanks for joining us senator programming so tell me your motivation for uh. proposing this bill several years ago and and again seemingly yearly from since you are representative and now in the state senate as well walking or it really came up while her personal art collector dinner.

Whoever created an income work situations either for or against uh. the lifestyle i get all sexual lifestyle after work that’s a very controversial topic come people work for it how people repair and i thought you know at least in the very young children replica families apart whether traveled mature enough to handle the situation for a conversation now the parish decide what they wanted to tell about it so when they were very young children it’s great speaker rate so they ah so when you say the lifestyle when you say the lifestyle is it safe to say that.

You believe homosexuality is a choice in other words it’s a lifestyle choice like any other profile we were going to be a gene neither has not been proven to me uh. i have not seen anything that’s uh. it honestly i’ve handed over and i just happen to have been approved strengthened by the harddrive behavior united when did you decide to be heterosexual i assume you had a sexual now i think we’re sexuality or more carpark people learned to different factor people do different things so in other words everyone is born.

Dont Say Gay Bill Sponsor Stacey Campfield Interview

Straight but some percentage of people choose to be gay i want to know what cameron are not paid any printer searched your medicare about group uh. so i i really want to get to that to the bill the specifics of the bill you know my concerns with it far that’s uh. for example on cnn usa da dhea is to prevent people from pushing one agenda or another and that’s kind of the the reason for the bill but the proposal says very clearly even though you just told me you you want.

Parents making the decision about when kids can hear about homosexuality you’re making the decision in the bill by saying heterosexuality can be taught incase debate so it isn’t there an agenda inherently being pushed there well read my book that leper heterosexuality kardam is because of our country and they know corporate loss occurred before uh. regarding frankfurt you know when they try to do that you’re going to stop that it will you be banning uh. you would be able to talk about x y chromosome now you know basic reproduction works.

That run i think you know ok to carry on a different we didn’t talk about the purple basic of reproduction uh. how how uh. people reproduce i think they’re confident should be allowed should be it relative to a to start class i think uh. uh. sexuality issues or support analytics and just think it’s interesting you mention that it’s it’s a relative or or relevant as i might say to science class because i was doing some research and i i looked at the text of the bill and i’m sure.

You’re familiar with the scientific method correct cartilage which was shot so it’s not you on no no you don’t but my question is f i was looking at the scientific method and that to me is something that very clearly relates to science class just as a part of teaching kids and the scientists to think that that was pioneered by sir francis bacon now sir francis bacon was gay is that does that fall under the the umbrella which you say that uh. there should be no meds he real or instruction that relates to.

Homosexuality sir francis bacon being gay does that mean the scientific method is off the table caucus topic which we talked about sexuality on creating a reasonably expendable children egg yolks jammer art lovers or anything on the heart of the stock like that’s a proper query hunter i think we should redirection a lot like exp probably what we have to push on the very young children what common sexuality ur they presume there are gay teachers in tennessee out action so okay so woody gate teacher be in violation of this amendment if they were to refer to.

Their partner joe for example with that also is that something you also would not want now yahi rocketry set up as part of the class opry any reason to bring that up as part of wanting mathematics or or science recordhigh altitude out relevant purporting what schools during one school should be doing which is teaching the children how the basic said to be very clear under the bill you’re proposing a a teacher who is gay would not be able to even referring passing to the fact that he has a male partner.

Out archer or correct about now that’s worker outpost as part of your or curriculum the copy pratap outbreak twelve at the car so but the the the question is if it’s mentioned in the classroom does that mean it’s part of the curriculum elva pattern company afrikaner terrific you’re trying to make it part of a collectible yet it’s if the child were to asked about what is homosexuality uh. my friend has to do ads if the questions come up does the teacher stay silent just pretend to be.

New due date do they say i’m not allowed to talk about that how do they handled cure for adults are it will be photographic paper are cute era as you need to talk to your al outbreak that’s an issue out you keep saying hey you know i think homosexual all sexual turkey volberding nasty sexual wonderful people i’d like it but i think we should leave it up to the families decide that someone would have a jet that be a pro or con so families to decide whether.

They want to teach their kids that homosexuals are bad people org or people or the people what do you think i mean are you that we do you support uh. gave marriage do you support gay rights uh. we are at it we have got to come out in at the atlantic but with your personal opinion erected in what way do you want but right now i don’t want just a short while ago people were reported treated equal okay so in other words all all people should be able to get married regardless.

Of of uh. sexual orientation papers better but what we’re doing here duction i think i fall uh. let me put mean ask a kind of a different question because i really do want was speaking by the way with tennessee state senator stacy can’t field uh. senate bill forty nine is what we’re discussing tennessee district seven which is your district is about thirteen percent of children living in poverty there there’s unemployment my question is and i’ve been receiving this from some of your constituents you time as a legislator be better spent on creating jobs and getting children.

Out of poverty than making it so teachers can’t referred of homosexuality ameen isn’t every minute spent on this bill as opposed to that a disservice to your constituents already veer back without which you don’t preppy politics how that works for state legislature does not make the pocket the government departure we’re not talking about about budgets in other words there’s there’s much that that state senators can do in terms of addressing issues of child poverty and unemployment not just about line items when you talk about economic growth economic polypeptide economic felt.

According to better prepare that’s perfect what we try to do is create a level playing field to that i’m kind of theater a play pittsburgh pa support happy definitely think we did not have a state income tax which is waterfall yet but what are you there are other it’s actually credit request delivered request but at that time sure well i made no claims about whether you your your district was business friendly or not my question was more just when there are so many issues like thirteen percent of children living in poverty.

Whether it makes sense to worry about teachers referring to homosexuality i don’t know yeah i think you know i think your partner acl etiquette bakula aren’t particularly irrespective raising your children execute ordered the state uh. personally at the belief that it their it their arabic at that usually rated problem are pretty or interceptor her story but at okay for car truck the beverage artwork truck some or it could be butler pepper child but senator you have to see how that’s clearly hypocritical because what you’re saying the state should not be involved in in raising.

Children in these issues that senate bill zero fortynine is you know you are part of the state legislature talking about heterosexuality should be tightened homosexuality can be mentioned you are deciding it how is that not the state telling putting making a list of what can and can’t be taught the kids regarding sexuality because if your friend watters or government burst water left government are villager bukan duties and responsibilities are pretty good government is do it occurred that pegasus pumping apparently coproduction or of incorrect up it’s a new bill though it’s a new bill the dressing what can and can’t be.

Taught to me that seems like more government not less well you you gotta he can’t handle there’s always going to be a bill to recruit sup if you’re if you’re going to repeat something i have to have a pill duit my last question senator is there’s a recent study that we talked about on the show last week and it makes very very clear that in this is a really serious issue that gay and lesbian children are many times more likely to consider suicide and street children and a huge factor in that is how accepting they perceive their.

Environment to be now for most kids the environment is in great part of the school there and they’re spending a lot of time with those teachers and school staff uh. open aren’t you concerned that this is a bill that will absolutely make gay and lesbian kids believe they are in a less welcoming environment and could actually affect child suicide rate are you not concerned about that i think it could be carefree operative actually at both paper features abdicating kept the lifestyle explain what that is thirty built.

Beechmont abomination is that what you believe which could affect which could happen here i think by bill opera so you’re actually saying that not allowing children to engage with the school’s counselors teachers and staff about their feelings on on how they’re feeling and homosexuality lesbianism that could actually prevent suicides is what you’re saying i think he credits andrea betting on the point of view of the future of the faculty about our open your kapadia all right well senate bill forty nine will see what happens with at tennessee state senator.

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