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How To Get Physical Custody

Hey Guys, David Pisarra here with MensFamilyLaw. Do you want 50 of your kids let me tell you how that happens. The basic rule when it comes to child custody is that we keep the kids as stable as possible, wherever the kids are when you guys break up is most likely where the kids are going to stay, that’s why you gotta be really careful about when you leave the house and why you need to read our Before You Leave guide which is a free download from our website mensfamilylaw when it comes to figuring out how much custody.

You’re going to have of your children, you have to take aloof at the big factors and those factors are where the kids are going to school where mom lives, where dad lives how much distance there is between the two of them, where mom works, where dad works, how much distance from where they work to where the kids go to school. It really all boils down to availability and flexibility, the more flexible your work schedule is and the more flexible your time is. The easier it is going to be for us to go into court.

And get you the 50 custody of your children that you want. The other big factor that you have to be aware of is how old are the children. A young child is not going to be in the car for a long period of time comfortably. Judges know that. The older a child is the easier it is to say they can have a longer commute time. The problem that we run into is once a child has an established routine of living with mom, and short commute to school, maybe.

How Do I Get 50 Custody of My Child Los Angeles Family Law Attorney David Pisarra explains

Dad isn’t around a whole lot because he’s working more, now it gets harder and harder for us to go into court and ask the judge to increase dad’s custodial time. It can happen and we can do it if we can show that there’s a decent amount of commute time between dads house and school and between moms house and dad’s house. But remember when we’re going into this, these are all the factors we have to juggle, so I want you to think about how close you are to where mom lives and the kid goes to school how close you are to where.

You live and work how close moms work is and how much availability you actually have in being flexible in your work schedule, because the more flexible your work schedule is the easier it is for us to make an argument to a judge that you should have equal custody time. Hope that helps, if you have other questions feel free to give me a call or shoot me an email. Check out the website and remember a cheeseburger and a chocolate shake will get you through just about everything, take care.

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