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Jaqen The new Mister Myagi He got Arya sweeping floors And cleaning bodies In the lobby Where the dying take they last breath I bet she being tested But I don’t think she passed yet Margery is scheming Trying to send Cersei packing But her plan backfired Now her brother’s held captive And the sparrows acting crazy Maybe it was in haste For you to reinstate The faith militant, girl just wait Once they run out of prostitutes to chase And come at you Lancel already Got the Charles Manson tattoo.

And that’s when he took Ser Loras into custody Cersei’s new alliance got her like Who wanna fuck with me Margery convinced King Tommen He could free him When he couldnt pull it off She ain’t even wanna see him She went off to invite Her grandmother in the schemin’ When Olenna get involved You know the drama only deepen Bronn and Jaime Got to Dorne safely But they welcoming committee Was four horseman acting shady As fuck, Tell Bronn to drop his weapon Good luck You get a knife in the neck And a sword in your gut.

They need to find Jaime’s daughter Like ASAP The sand snakes know they on the way And want pay back Roose Bolten Losing confidence in his alliance But Littlefinger got him convinced They can be giants Leaving Sansa behind To go to Kings Landing Summoned by Cersei Who he’s not a big fan of But. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do And that’s a lotta power moves To make it to the top with you Cop a few, feels Before he leave, he’s all on top of you And judging by your face You may be falling for the brothel dude.

Game of Thrones Rap Recap Episodes 3 4

Stannis showed a softer side With his daughter Melisandre showed Jon Snow Where to pork her And asked him to reconsider Stannis offer He rejected both But was left with a quote Ygrittes old line You know nothing Jon Snow But that’s inside info How the fuck could she know that While Tyrion Grows weary of his road trip But he lost his mojo Left a ho to go piss Mormant made a guest appearance Just to snatch him up A gift for the queen So he gon’ take him back to her.

Tied up on a row boat Not a drop of wine to drink Varys made a better travel partner I’m inclined to think Dany might even be intrigued With her new guest Considering her situation now Is a full mess Sons of the Harpy Struck a second time with a trap Used the same whore as before With a fake attack A half a dozen Unsullied In an alley way Without enough room To organize like a palisade But just before Grey Worm could get finished off Barriston stepped in, said I’ma trade my life for yours.

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