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Joint Custody Between Mother And Grandmother

What’s up guys, I’m Tamara Dhia for Complex News. In the ongoing saga that is theKylie JennerTygaBlac Chyna love triangle, reports surfaced today that Blac Chyna will now be seeking full custody and support of 2yearold son King Cairo from the child’s father, Tyga. And based on them taking shots at each other in the past, we can expect this to get messy. Sources say Blac Chyna hired a top divorce lawyer last week andofficially filed the legal docs asking for primary physical custody.And that’s not all.she is also seeking child.

Support, to cover housing expenses, food, clothing, nannies and school. Her main claim for sole custody is that King Cairowill be starting preschool soon and she doesn’t want him shuttled back and forth between their homes. But you know it wouldn’t be classic baby mama dramawithout a few jabs at the new girlfriend. Her main problem with Tyga is that he is dating Kylie Jenner, a minor, and she says that shows bad judgement which could translate into his parenting skills.Aiming this at a 24 year old that just got the name of a 17 year old tattooed on himMaybe not a bad call.

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