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Joint Custody Child Support South Carolina

My name is Nancy Jo Thomason and I’m a Family Court lawyer in Anderson, South Carolina. A lot of people ask questions about child support on a regular basis. South Carolina has something called the South Carolina Child Support Guidelines, and it is a formula that takes into consideration the mothers income, father’s income, health insurance expenses for the child, day care expenses for the child, any other children that the parents they have in their home, other than the children of these parties, and other child support that the parties may be paying,.

As well as any alimony should be paying. Once you input all of those numbers into the child support guidelines, it tells you what the supporting parents should pay on a weekly basis, a biweekly basis, and a monthly basis. Typically in South Carolina Family Court judges are going to go by these guidelines, there are very few cases where they go above, or below, although it does happen. If you would like to see what your child support might be, you can check out the DSS website. They have a.

Calculator and we’ve provided the link below. You can go input the figures that are applicable to your case and after you’ve done that it will calculate the child support that would be paid in those circumstances. Of course there are a lot of variables, whether you use gross income net income, etc. You should use the gross income. People often ask about overtime and other things, and those are situations where you really need to talk to a lawyer about what the figures should be. So that gives you a basic idea of how to figure out overall.

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