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Joint Custody Haircuts

That’s absolutely untrue bucket by fact right for the way the eg north korea disaster his eleven today uh. the south koreans are doing some tests uh. and military because that is awful dot at this small island at the date that possess so they know some test on the witness stand and uh. you go allah’s your father we don’t like you doing these tests in what we think are disputed waters and south korea doesn’t exist in the waters plus the world as the biggest disputed waters but the crazy cause of the north korea think it’s disputed.

Baywatch uh. they fired off on the small island that hasn’t military installations of south korea on it and also seventeen hundred civilians and they killed to south korean marines at first i though they killed two us marine thousand all damn here we go right now uh. as it is is still really bad named her sixteen other people and so then the south korea’s launch and apparently they scrambler fighter jets i get up in a pat yeah through a bunch of howitzers up their asses we we don’t know what happened the south korean officials said all we know we expect there.

Was uh. casualties on the north korean side but then i never heard back on that news story uh. so locally right now and nobody’s firing anymore but this is certainly disastrous and it’s one thing when north korea’s uniform plus service at all i’m not about them so i’m gonna kick your as always you see what i did to your mother analog bronze mother right ok everybody’s having fun but when they actually start telling people and remember they sank the sum of south korea as well there’s only so much separate can play.

US Role In NorthSouth Korea

Thing you know someone someone analysis and in the mail today say no one ever was provocative of south uh. correa on purpose to do those tests in disputed waters you know i don’t know about that but here’s what i do know that’s after has almost nothing to gain from war cousin one of the top economists in the world to do in grade the last thing they need is north korea id launching missiles on and it’s crazy where is north korea they got nothing better than him and i mean.

It looks like in the nation for war for so long now let me tell you something that war would be a complete an auto disaster everyone involved you’ve got them million north koreans dug in combined birthday ches fortified positions et cetera just jill losing for war gym equipment nicolas chefs kilo payments as they might uh. was at the panthers helped and i’ll let somebody else we did it uh. that hate whatever you’re going to jimmy cliff chassis at the pentagon you know you made edge company payment schedule right.

Because and pat how often abc on nbc for your defiantly through my entire life it jim it was actually at the pentagon ammunition violators date etcetera tennis keiko anyways so but he was saying weakened launch parking time your weapon that north korea and not necessarily get all those bunkers installations the center they’ve got down here hank and literally can’t believe that because we’ve got all lila weaponry uh. but begins its sense of how disasters that war would be a by the way north korea has sold and and many other.

Of the top south korea cities in their sights all they had his press the button that look details on that could be wrong or maybe the intelligence is not telling us something right this was what we know what the in the public that march north korea could press the button and destroyed shel south korea that’s what i’ve seen is in the world supa entry impress upon you how disastrous as one would be but look parlors and tell you that is in irish oh my god we don’t want to go to war of the two separate from the now we can’t.

Look that’s different and going into a crazy optional war in iraq is one thing your ally gets it attacked at the new promise independent that’s a whole mother thing you gotta go i mean i don’t know if lives are gonna get angry at me but separate gets its act with a choice of we have to back them up and then were i mean if you thought or act was meant to be that afghanistan was bad personally were incredibly right so you know what we think it will deliver a more.

You know that they’ll get the rock uh. yet abortion puts do some chance with is that there is a lot of what’s today launched bombs in in their initial round they devastate you know i don’t know a corner of south korea but then they fall rather easily because their clubs right could be in it and we walk in there we knock out the generals and i like iraq and afghanistan mid north korean people go about thank you both q log would seek the now is that possibly hats possible right but there’s also a possible of the war.

Will be hardwood or award now so that’s one space in which i know it this police on the south korea can take in the sink a soggy fire civilians you kill a couple of marie is a close on a nun at some point the head of the back and i wasn’t in the back a little bit today in this thing kasparov controls so quick and which is the one of the troops or the money i don’t know what the hell radio and honestly in in our eight years of doing a show.

We’ve talked about the korean situation a lot with many guests on the top foreign policy experts to reporters in the country and not one person has had a decent answer it’s unsolvable rental because dancers you gotta go and when you go it’s going to be arrow that we get like i said terrible news when it gets in as well promising that for some believe the show so uh. let me know something’s somewhat loosely related because of the most nukes out that your interpretation of some of her.

Corinthian magic they use incidents actually work and they nuke seoul south korea or god forbid i mean that personal god forbid school south korea orbit also reached japan uh. oracle or or okay and i know what we do have a country that president spots pretty likely there have never solely online shopping club but because you know ought to really get it but we cool that but here’s a deport eighty percent off hello of data set off of the sultana paralyzed the country game over right so go to jack threads dot com slash q i p because free to join.

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