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Men’s Rights Against Mad Max

Whats up guys ForComplex News I’m Tamara Dhia. if you’re on Twitter Facebook or Instagram this weekend or you know just walking down the street you probably heard nothing but praise about the recent release mad max very red that is until now wellknown men’s rights activist blog return of Kings is officially calling for a boycott the postapocalyptic film for being and I quote a feminist peace a propaganda posing as a guy flick the author Aaron clari admits to not even having seen the film yet but based on the trailer notice that surely is there and shut up too much.

And talked a lot about Tom Hardy just seems to have cameo appearances Aaron continues is ran by issuing a call to action to boycott the film so do yourself and all men across the world a favor not only refused to see the movie but spread the word to as many men as possible in a shocking turn of events the NRA’s blog post is actually prompting people to go see the film because other claims to use our cat and Sinclair rights I wasn’t gonna watch Mad Max until I heard.

Postapocalyptic and feminist propaganda infuriates men at Tommy refiner said Mr a who hasn’t seen Mad Max calls for a boycott because he thinks it’ll be feminist propaganda I wish this was an an an article at her HW tweeted wait so these guys who think mad Max’s feminist propaganda see alien the blog itself is known for trolling on its about page it says return to Kings is a blog for heterosexual masculine men it’s meant for a small but vocal collection a man in america today who believe men should be masculine.

Mad Max Fury Road Being Boycotted By Mens Rights Activists

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