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Men’s Rights Halifax

A Massachusetts man has received the first penis transplant in the United States, and his new organ will be up and running within months, doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital announced Monday. Thomas Manning, whose penis was removed during a battle with cancer, underwent a 15hour surgery to get the new penis in place. If I’m lucky, I get 75 percent of what I used to be, Manning, a Halifax, Mass. resident, told the New York Times. Before the surgery I was 10 percent. But they made no promises. That was part of the deal.

Manning’s new member came from a deceased donor, and doctors at the Boston hospital worked over two days to get it on him. Doctors said Manning, 64, should be able to easily urinate in several weeks, and can have sex soon afterward. There have only been two prior penis transplants reported anywhere in the world one in China in 2006, which failed, and another in South Africa in 2014, which led to the patient fathering a child. But that number may soon rise, according to the Times. Massachusetts General Hospital doctors are planning a procedure for a man whose penis was destroyed in a fiery car accident, and Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine surgeons have penciled one in for a wounded Afghanistan combat veteran.

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