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Mother Kills Child Over Custody

Mother Shot By Police While Holding Her Child

Gtgta 23yearold mother in the baltimore area named korryn gaines was shot and killed by police earlier during a raid over traffic offenses.Thankfully it is getting the amount of coverage it deserves, people are looking into this, trying to discover more information as it is breaking.She was shot and killed, shot multiple times, her fiveyearold son was also shot in a limb during the standoff.We have information from a police spokesperson and we will give you this information, not because you can just naturally believe everything the police say, certainly you cannot many.

Times in cases like this a lot of the initial information that comes out ends up being inaccurate, right now however it is the information we have, so we present it to you to hopefully receive critically gtgt the officers retreated after initially talking to her and seeing that she had a gun gtgtand the police continued to shoot at her and she was killed at that point.We don’t know at this point if the baby was injured by her firearm or by the firearms of the police.

Considering it is a shotgun and the child was in her lap it seems more likely it was by the police, but the fiveyearold is being treated and is not considered to be in serious danger at this point.Gtgtfirst, the obvious that needs to be mentioned, because if we don’t, people will think we are being unreasonable what she did was wrong.Threatening a cop is wrong, pointing a gun at a cop is wrong.Threatening a cop’s life in any and all circumstances, wrong, wrong.Let’s be clear about that.

However, this is over a warrant for her arrest because she did not show up to court for traffic violations.Resisting arrest, traffic violations, you should show up to court, follow the law, you get the picture.But what i would hope is that what cops would understand is that in your efforts to get the criminal in this case, you are also endangering the lives of innocent children.So i don’t know what really led them to open fire i think about the cliven bundy case and those protesters and how they were all armed, how they all explicitly.

Made threats toward the police officials, and they were never shot at.I think the cops handled that situation pretty well, there were not any instances of police brutality involving these people who were protesting.However in this case, i get it, you want to arrest her, you should, she has a warrant out for her arrest, i understand that.But there has to be a better way of doing it rather than opening fire in a home where children are.It’s a difficult situation, i don’t think this is a clearcut issue, i don’t think you can say the.

Cops were totally in the wrong or they were totally in the right i think there could have been a better way to solve this than to open fire.I get it, it’s frustrating.This was an almost sixhour standoff.Gtgtit proceeded into the afternoon.Gtgti get it, i would be annoyed by it if i were a cop, but you have to do a quick costbenefit analysis and remember what you are there for.If you are there to arrest someone who has a warrant for not dealing with traffic violations, is it worth it.

To open fire when there is a potential outcome of a child getting killed gtgtwe can play devil’s advocate and try to imagine what led to the shooting, they waited hours, we don’t know if they brought in mediators, a therapist, psychologist, something we don’t know at this point.We don’t know what communication happened, we don’t know what attempts they had to deescalate the situation.We know they backed off initially which is exactly what they should do, thankfully they didn’t bust down the door or throw in grenades or stun grenades which happens in.

Multiple cases best case scenario for the police is if they had very good reason to believe that the kid was in danger or other people in the area were in danger but that information is not available to us.We don’t have any reason to believe that simply because she didn’t want to be arrested, she posed an immediate danger to the child.She had a gun and i understand for many people hearing about the story, we are done, she had a gun.Even though in cases where it is not a black.

Female holding the gun, that doesn’t mean in their minds that you should immediately become a police.We have the cliven bundy situation, the oregon militia people, other than the guy who pulled a gun and was shot, the other ones were not shot.Dylann roof, the planned parenthood shooter it seems easy for these people to kill multiple individuals during terrorist attacks and they are taken alive.It is the perception of the danger they are in, their fear, and their willingness to ask late in situations where when it is other sorts of people.

They don’t feel the need to escalate that way.Gtgtby the way, i give the cops some credit for at least conceding that they opened fire first, and waiting for hours.Hopefully more information comes out and we know exactly what happened and why it is that they felt that they were an imminent threat which is why they had to open fire, but that is the point i want to drive home i’m not an advocate of taking guns away from cops or not allowing cops to defend themselves, but they.

Are supposed to shoot when someone poses an imminent threat.Far too often we have made excuses for cops using guns or opening fire in cases where someone does not pose an imminent threat.That is the only thing i’m saying here.Again this is a complicated issue, a nuanced issue, i will not say the cops were totally wrong, i just hope that in instances involving young children children in general, or any innocent individuals we take proper precautions to make sure we don’t use a firearm unless we absolutely, 100 need to.

Gtgti don’t know the ins and outs of the tactics and techniques they use, it seems like it could have been some nonviolent and i don’t mean stun guns, i mean in this case perhaps some sort of tear gas or stun grenade, i don’t know.That is hearsay at this point.We have a statement from the baltimore county police spokesman, who said this, and it ends in a somewhat unfortunate way gtgtthat is exactly how not to talk about the situation.First of all, i understand they have to legally frame it as we were.

Forced to use lethal force, but really, you had to wait hours and hours that is unfortunate, that would be really annoying.Imagine if you had to wait overnight, imagine how inconvenient that would be for you.She is dead though, which i assume in a galactic point of view is more inconvenient for her.Gtgtthere is history to it, i looked into it, their was a detailed account of the history of her runins with the police.We don’t know everything that has happened, but we will hear the police side, and at least previous to the day she was.

Killed we hear her side a little bit, from her instagram page to things she posted on facebook, she had an extensive number of accounts and videos of police pulling her over.She was pulled over a lot, she gets bothered with a lot, her kid is in the backseat, she said she taught her five year old how to record, she always told him don’t be scared, just film, because you never know what will happen.And he was aware of the situation.She did have a gun, she had the paperwork for the gun to show it.

Was legal again this is based on her page for this particular offense when they took her in, she said they abused her, she left with bruises, they beat her a little bit, and she goes, these were all traffic violations, and she posted a picture of the list of offenses.This is all a day or two before the confrontation.She also pointed out that they starved me and kept water from me we have heard stories of that happening in place custody before.She was vocal and angry.

With police so i’m sure when they walk up to her and say things to her, she’s like, i don’t give an eff what you say.Again that sometimes causes police to get very upset.It is another instance of restraint.When you cultivate a culture of being in opposition with this woman in particular, and they had to know who she was, they’ve run into her many times, i’m sure the area she lives in isn’t teeming with so many people that they get her confused with someone else, they knew who they.

Were confronting and involved with.She was very familiar with them.And she had two kids, a younger daughter and the fiveyearold son.She was vocal about her opposition and i think they knew what they were getting themselves into.And i don’t want to assume that they said we are tired of this woman, we will go get her on these violations and see what she does.But as i said, you weigh both sides and see what comes out.Gtgtshe had a gun, she said at one point, according to the police,.

She said i will kill you.Obviously that makes this a different situation fundamentally than philando castile or something like that.And i get that with dallas and baton rouge why police would be on a heightened level of fear, even though statistically they are safer this year than any time in the past 30 years, i get where they wouldn’t feel that way.So i would, whether morally or pragmatically, i would advise everyone to do whatever they can to not trigger that fear amongst police.And we don’t want any police to feel threatened or.

Mom charged with killing daughter 3 taken into custody

Bob mayo live for us tonight at allegheny county police headquarters.Bob, please fill us in.Reporter andrew moments ago the mother led in handcuffs out of city police headquarters.There you see adrian williams of wilkinsburg the mom of little 3yearold adrianna williams in custody charged after a lengthy investigation.Now we’ve been examining the criminal complaint filed against her this afternoon, eight to nine pages of details about the extensive investigative work done in this case.The criminal complaint says that wilkinsburg toddler adrianna williams was asphyxiated and her.

Body left in a ravine near swissvale.They linked a variety of forensic evidence, colored paper clips like found in the mother’s car.They found apparent mud from the scene on the rear driver’s side door of the mother’s car, on the steering wheel, on clothing and on the rear seat floor of the car and the driver’s seat.There was mud found on the mother’s area where she changed her clothes inside a home.The autopsy showed that adrianna may have eaten watermelon before her death.There were microscopic particles.

Of it found in the mother’s car.Detectives found a notebook in the car in which the mother wrote an obscenity laced complaint about her stresses as a single parent.Video shows a car similar to the mothers going along the route in the direction where the body’s body was recovered.A check of cellphone records show the mother’s phone in the vicinity first where the child disappeared and then where the body was found.They also recounted various apparent discrepancies between the mother’s accounts of what happened and her whereabouts and.

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Mom in minister killing gets custody of kids,Selectplusmom in minister killing gets custody of kidsmom in minister killing gets custody of kidsthe associated pressmary winkler the woman convicted of. Boyfriend kills baby heartless monster of a mother helps cover it up tomonews,Taipei taiwan police in taiwan have finally located the mother of a missing child three years after a social worker first reported the child missing ms su. Korryn gaines shot killed by baltimore county police after shotgun standoff reaction korryngaines,At about 930am on august 1 2016 a standoff between korryn gaines a mother of 2 and baltimore county police began at her residence in randallstown.

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