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Mothers Rights In Mississippi

Now in a red states have passed out feel harm laws which would basically prosecute mothers if they miscarry or give birth to a stillborn what are the victims of such laws I was a woman by the name already gets when she was 16 years old she gave birth to a stillborn and immediately prosecutor start investigating her past they found that she had done cocaine however the fetus was born with the ability in bilko cord wrapped around its neck and also I should note that there were traces of cocaine by product in.

That the stillborn baby however that is not an indicator that it was the primary cause above the death so she was taken to court prosecutors are going after her very aggressively and just recently a judge ruled that hey you know what and pro in this case out because this case is against our law we can’t prosecute her because she gave birth to a stillborn now I the district attorney in the area is not happy with this ruling and they are planning to go after her even more.

Aggressively the mississippi district attorney Mark Jackson said the state would attempt to try games case again in August so now we don’t have double we have double jeopardy in this country meaning that you cannot try the the same purse for the same crime up but in this case you see no no it’s not the same crime before we try to from murder this I miss manslaughter haha yeah now look what’s amazing about this case a is other than the fact that it should have never brought as it appears the baby did not have any cocaine the.

Mother Granted A Break But Fetal Harm Prosecutions Loom

Its system they just a byproduct from ‘we’re outright but the amazing part is the judge in this case said under a Supreme Court settle this and I understand that you brought the case before the supreme court settlement but since you brought the case the Supreme Court ruled on this and said that you cannot try someone for murder manslaughter et cetera in a case like that exact same thing exact area so it called the book the Buckhalter case yes its mississippi verses bahcall torso happen in the state.

As well the supreme court didn’t rule in it and there were manslaughter charges and they were dismissed against a woman who had given birth to a stillborn know when I was a lawyer is the main thing you do is look first cases that were similar so that you say argue that it’s precedent hey if I’d found this case in my research I would have close about you what we’re done with this this is exactly right what happened it’s this positive and we don’t question about why they are not necessarily going.

To try this case the the the DA said they’re going to attempt to try and there’s a good chance that they won’t practice know but where there’s a chance that that the DA is wanting to goes to what one has to look at the yeah yeah know it’s outrageous no lawyer whose earnestly trying to do their job we try to try this case no matter what they thought the policy issue on the legal grounds but it is it about legal grounds is about politics yet uh politics is about a motion and the biggest issue with this and the.

Socalled fetal harm laws is that any time a woman miss carey’s and authorities are made me to wear a bit or any time a woman gives birth to a stillborn she will immediately get investigated and and that where do you draw that line right so you have some might argue okay if the woman is doing drugs while she’s pregnant then yeah we should prosecutor okay we’ll I mean there are some indications that if you drink caffeine wire pregnant that could be harmful to the fetus you’re not supposed to eat sushi you’re not supposed to dye.

Your hair so are they gonna go into the women’s history and try to figure out if she did any of those things while she was pregnant alcohol cigarettes especially right after she went through a tragedy she either miscarried or had a stillborn I mean it’s disgusting yeah and I it feels like sorta but an almost expected outgrowth from decades of telling people these people are murdering babies and gets people so worked up that they seem there’s no limit to how far they’ll go to try to protect the sea.

Is this aggrieved minorities babies that are being killed and I just feel like I i empathize with them because they care so much I wish they could channel this energy into something more productive both in terms the pragmatic it’s not going to work if what you say about that the lawyers is true but it just seems like I understand their anger but they’re looking in the wrong direction in there if they want to find somebody who’s who is I guess terminated the most pregnancies in the world it’s not.

Women like this said God why nobody is cause more miscarriages in someone’s then God if they’re so worried about the right to life why are they more up in arms about are lacking gun laws and the number of people that die on a daily basis because I’ve got board members are to the right to life also the people that are so prodeath penalty prodeath penalty antigovernment all programs to help the needy which by the way feeds a lot of children yeah so I edge this agenda is to me I.

Know I i some people who are extremely religious do genuinely believe in this cause and they do believe in programs to help the needy right but I think the vast majority of people that are you know going out there in the press proposing these crazy ass laws don’t actually care about life they don’t care about helping people out they care about some crazy religious belief that makes absolutely no sense at all you live we want to live a really shitty life better and if God also prolife why did he create a.

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