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Mothers Rights In Washington

This business speech of the year anything that’s surprising way to yellow tulips it’s from a republican it’s in the washington state legislature i heard a misrepresented morning walsh they’re discussing about whether gay marriage it should be allowed in the state of washington and she is going to break ranks with other republicans uh. and vote in favor of gay marriage as she’s gonna tell a personal story about why don’t miss the swatch wildlife park in my mind to guide me decisions that i’ve made on a lot of different issues that have been before us in the legislature.

And i think sometimes that’s what we have to do i i’d to don’t wanna but my fingers anybody about which way you should vote on this it’s certainly an issue of conscience to me and certainly one that is been weighing very heavily for the last few weeks you know i was married for twenty three years to a lot of my life and uh. he died six years ago and you know i’m in hummel only a widow right now i’m fifty one years old looking for a boyfriend not having much luck with that.

And yet when i think of my husband and i think of all the wonderful years we have in the wonderful fringe benefits have increased use of children item this process into me thats kinda what this boils down to how miss company nine assortments but i don’t it’s not it’s it is certainly not the aspect of that relationship that incredible bonds of that i have without human being really really genuinely which i still have and so i just i think to myself how could i did not anyone of right.

Amazing Gay Marriage Speech Goes Viral Maureen Walsh

That incredible font with another individual in life to me it seems almost cruel you know years ago my daughter winter cindy elementary school kids that many of you methodologies fabulous girls wonderful my boys are craig to my daughter’s just something special and she was the light of her father’s eyes it she would still in there were some kids that were whole group of kids just picking on another kid and you know my daughter’s did up for even though it wasn’t the popular thing to do she knew it was the right thing to do.

With never more proud of my kid and knowing that she was speaking against the vocal majority half of the rights of the minority and to me it is incumbent upon us as legislators in this state to do that that is why we are here and i shudder to think that if folks who have preceded us in history do that frankly i’m not sure i would be here is a woman i’m not sure other people would be here due to their race whether creed and to me that is what’s disconcerting.

And someone made the comment that this is not about equality well yes it is coffee and why in the world would we not allow those equal rights for a individuals who truly were committed to one another in life to be able to to show that by way of a marriage my daughter came out of the closet a couple years ago and you know what i thought i was just because i cannot support that captain stephan she’s still a fabulous human being and she’s matt a person that she loves very much.

And someday by god i wanna throw a wedding for that kid and i hope that’s exactly what i can to i hope she will not feel like a secondclass citizen involved in something called the domestic partnership with frankly sounds like a merry maids franchise to me here are the reasons i love that speech uh. first of all the wrong it’s the was fantastic ido missus xc about how funny was that buddy indian university in leadership style you know trying to do some fancy political speech were she’s working a talking point.

It was clear that she was speaking from the heart and then the poise she had were fantastic how can i deny anyone added bility to have that kind of deep loving relations but i have that’s so true when he gets the essence of the issue she says don’t tell me they wouldn’t be secondclass citizens of course they are if you’re calling it something else and you’re not giving them the same rights as she said fourweek anyone we say it’s not about equality obviously it’s about equality that’s what the whole.

All issue is if they had a quality in terms of the law the name of cetera then there wouldn’t be an issue it’s obviously at the core of the problem and i love the way she said i’m not sure i would be here and remember she’s a republican there but she is a one dash they are not sure i would be here if other people didn’t fight for my equality in all of our quality as so many others of you will be some race creed et cetera.

An ally i mean come on which she said that her daughter was the light of our father’s eyes i mean that would to spokane volumes to me and if you got a daughter you gotta sign you had kids you know how brian will take there are two u and how much you love them and then some people want to deny them the same rights to loving relationship that other people have in this country it isn’t right and uh. and i love her firm appointing that out listen uh. ait the republics are having trouble affiliate candidate uh.

Right now they’re in the middle of c practice large conservative gathering and they say they’re dissatisfied with all their ten days of my go all the way to a brokered convention where they might pick someone else in tyre i nominate representative maureen walsh bashes that my spirit in washington and that’s not likely to happen but uh. but god i was a great speech in those craters you’re somewhat actually giving a genuine heartfelt uh. you know talk in politics when if everything else is so scripted and so down about talking points that’s grading on everybody’s nerves and i hope.

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