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Mothers Rights To Her Unborn Child

28yearold jet Lycia Beltran went to the doctor for prenatal check up when she was about 14 weeks pregnant and she thought that it would be a good idea to disclose her medical history with him because of course she cares about her fetus you want to make sure the baby is healthy she told the doctor that about a year ago she had an addiction to a painkiller however I she had gotten serious about kicking the addiction and she was no longer using any type of prescription drug she thought this was a good idea but it turns out that the.

Doctor in this situation told her that she needs to start on an anti diction drug even though a urine test indicated that she didn’t have any drugs in her body she refused to do so so few days later social worker MD doctor showed up to our home and she got detained for fusing to take the anti diction track okay and its just gets worse from there personal they bring on a court they’ve got a ring shackles yep in shackles because she major s she made the mistake of trusting your doctor.

And telling them something that could be relevant to her pregnancy and it turns out she was right she was applying when I get it if a doctor could be skeptical I K really did you take a certain educated Ishan so but that at some point we realize she did it doesn’t matter she did a urine test it does in it you know what they’d gaper 7e eightday stay drug treatment center anyway in the middle of her pregnancy okay you know what happened she lost her job ok or should I gonna goes away seventy.

Pregnant Woman Detained For Violating Fetal Protection Law

Eight days and I’ll lose your job she was arrested shaker where she got the court they had already decided to send her away well kinda court is this how is this in like this type of this type of action is really pushed by prolife people right prolife organizations and I’ll get to that in just a second but what I find so interesting is that if you’re so prolife why would you destroy the life of the mother to the point where she will lose her job and be.

On able to provide for own kid how was that prolife it doesn’t make any sense now the reason why they were able to do this is because there is a law in Wisconsin it’s known as that cocaine mom Act 1998 and it basically states the child well welfare authorities can forcibly confined a pregnant woman who uses the legal drugs or alcohol to a severe degree and who also refuses to accept the treatment sure if you sick said the trim in this case because she had already beaten addiction.

And you can tell from the urine test the she had no drugs in her system by the way she did on our own man and she papered the addiction drug like the sure you take ticket to and addiction she paper to buy or sell slowly I me she showed tremendous willpower and doing it and nonetheless she was crushed by the system anyway now one other reasons might be because as an appointed up their cortical prolife and when one and when the social worker came in to talk.

To her about this which had revealed her doctor and her doctor I mean to violate her privacy like that and give out her information think about how damaging its right because then nobody trusts her doctor and a Don’t Tell then you you would be afraid to tell your doctor things and I could be really really dangerous he’s a I don’t wanna get to carried away and I justice but I think he did something terribly wrong the social worker comes at gets in a fight with her because she’s she’s telling her what to do it cetera et cetera.

So some point Lisa gets mad and sis mommy this just abort the baby right that she shouldn’t have said that she wasn’t gonna abort the baby she got mad at a justifiably so then share officers come a couple days later and take her away in handcuffs because no no no no no no no we don’t give in damn about you your deal you’re already a life right but the socalled unborn child how dare you think that in her comment there didn’t have something to do with the prolife people Thomas share you gotta go get back did.

Okay got to go arrest third she said she might do an abortion okay by the way uh she’s 14 weeks pregnant in that case right at man points is 14 weeks pregnant I’ll she I miss you can legally have an abortion at that point there’s nothing stopping her so even she shouldn’t have said that statement but even if she did a she’s never right she has every right to so they had absolutely no right no grounds to detain her to put her in shackles to force her.

To go to a drug treatment program lose her job I mean the story as you said Jim just keeps getting worse but if you think that wisconsin is the only state that has a law like this you’re wrong there are many other states in fact out Wisconsin Minnesota Oklahoma and South Dakota all have similar laws on the books just like this and up for other red states that don’t have a law like this though usually use things like murder charges to prosecute women I’ll give you specific.

Example in mississippi there was a woman by the name reading kids who had a history of drug use she got pregnant she was not using drugs she delivered a stillborn okay the prosecutor for murder yes she gave birth to a stillborn they went to our history they’ve checked her past drug abuse and they said you know what this is grounds for prosecution she’s probably rich in white right know chris is black and poor uh weird how when you don’t have power also on you wind up in.

Shackles no matter what but this is all for your own benefit right cuz they’re trying to protect you and your family except Wisconsin right to life admits the whole point of this law is the gold Brady independent person heard and writes for the unborn child in other words it’s not the necessary to protect that particular fetus is so to push their own ideology saying well as soon as this conception it’s an unborn child and hence you know he knew all these things to you you made a mistake getting.

Pregnant sometimes there were no after people for taking things like by getting right after they conceived when they didn’t even know they were pregnant and by the way going back to which exit about person heard in this particular case what happened was when she went to court her fetus had a lawyer she didn’t have her own lawyer said don’t think about how insane that is she doesn’t have a lawyer and they’ve already decided what’s gonna happen her before she even showed up at man but the fetus has a lawyer it’s upsidedown world man.

So she sued and a by issue absolutely positively should have sued she sued because they deprive her a physical liberty which is a 100 percent true medical privacy which is a 100 percent true and due process and that’s the one that actually pisses me off the most you can have bring somebody in accordance shackles SA you know what a your elbow hasn’t it attorney but you don’t and we’ve already decided your case that’s not america I hope she wins issuance huge is all based on ideology it’s not actually because it did care about.

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