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Mothers Without Custody Australia

Snaps First things first. I do not care that you’re a multiplatinum selling rapper, Gun Rack. What I care about is that I, 100, know that you murdered Darnell Simmons. So, you better start talking. dramatic music softly Yeah, but you ain’t got nothing. Oh. Uh, you know, I’m actually, I’m very glad that you said that. Because Irespectfully, I beg to differ. hip hop music on tape player I killed Darnell, yeah, I shot him with my nine I shot him nine times, 900 p.m. on the dime.

And by the way, it was November 9th music stops That don’t mean nothing. I got a vivid imagination. I couldn’t have shot Darnell. I was at my cousin’s birthday party. Red Lobster, November 9th. At Red Lobster Mm hmm. Geez, I got to tell you, Gun Rack, I find that really hard to believe. music continues I got an alibi Birthday, Red Lobster When in reality I shot Darnell like a mobster It’s a lie, Anyone could tell this.

Because I got an allergy to all shellfish music stops Just confess, Gun Rack. I confess that shellfish is the only thing that rhymes with tell this. It’s just words, Detective. Nouns, adjectives. That just happen to be in a dope order. But.you ain’t got no proof. music continues Shot up Darnell With a longass gun And I tossed it into the aquarium I have no idea what that object is. I don’t If I had to identify it, I would call it a gun of the longass variety.

Key Peele Rap Album Confessions

Some seaweed in there, too. Look, Detective. I hate to break it to you. I ain’t kill nobody. music continues I stroke my chin real slow when I’m lying And I was laughing super hard as Darnell was dying The name of the album is ltigtI Killed Darnell Simmons.ltigt It’s a concept album. A concept That’s a picture of you. A picture of you, and behind you is Darnell Simmons’s body! Coincidence. You’re going away for a long time, you understand You’re gonna confess if it’s the last thing you ever do,.

You hear me, Gun Rack I’ll beat it out of you. Joe. I’ll beat it out of you. Joe! He’s free to go. What No. No, no, no, no, no. We have everything we need. No, it was Simmons’s girlfriend. She just confessed to the whole thing. Infidelity. Crime of passion. Let’s go, Mr. Rack. dramatic music music from tape player Bonus track, bonus track. Got a ride or die bitch I think you get the gist And when you let me out, I’m gonna blow a little kiss.

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