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My Mom Was Right

Minha mae e uma peca 2013 My Mom Is a Character. ltigtThis is the story of a family like any other.ltigt ltigtIt could be set in Tokyo, for example.ltigt ltigtIn New York.ltigt ltigtParis!ltigt ltigtOr maybe.ltigt ltigtin Rio de Janeiro!ltigt ltigtBut no.ltigt ltigtIt’s almost in Rio.ltigt ltigtThis story is actually set in Niteroi.ltigt ltigtYes, Niteroi.ltigt ltigtAlso known as Nikiti City or Smile City.ltigt ltigtAnd it’s there, in the midst of 5 hundred thousand people,ltigt ltigtthat our heroes live.ltigt ltigtA family like any other.ltigt ltigtMrs. Herminia, the mother, is a caring ladyltigt ltigtthat worries solely with her children’s education.ltigt.

Marcelina, I already told you to get in that fucking shower! I’ll go when I feel like it. When you feel like it, you filthy girl Lunatic! ltigtMarcelina, the daughter, the family’s little princess.ltigt ltigtA teenager like any other.ltigt ltigtShe has a bright future ahead of her.ltigt ltigtThis is Juliano, the man of the house.ltigt ltigtThe eldest, Garib, married young and gave up on the perksltigt ltigtof living with his mother.ltigt ltigtAnd this is the father, Carlos Alberto, who surrenderedltigt ltigtto the charms of a young mermaid and also left the house.ltigt.

He never left, in order to leave you need to come in first. And Carlos Alberto was never really here. I find it very funny After separated, he applies for world’s greatest dad ! Geez! Juliano! Yeah! In a sec. Juliano! Get those sneakers out of the living room, it’s been growing cobwebs for a week! Nobody stands that reek! Early morning, and already bossing around. Mom is a pain! And you’re awesome, right If I don’t say anything, no one volunteers. Breakfast is set, come on. Hurry up with the breakfast, people.

Minha Me Uma Pea My Mom Is a Character LegendadoSubtitles

Mom. Your father’s coming. Mom, you bought less ham. Just be thankful that I did, that’s coming off the list. Have you no shame, girl You’re fat as hell and you still want more ham! Mom! You tossed Atila! Oh, my God! Get him out! Guys, where’s dad He’s late. Your father was never on time for anything. Even to get married I got there first. Geez! Speaking of marriage, there wasn’t any cold water to drink, you two drank and didn’t refill. Mom’s losing it, what does marriage have to do with water.

It doesn’t matter, Marcelina. You shouldn’t be worried about me, you should be worried about your panties. Filthy. It’s been hanging on that shower for a week. Wet, dry, wet, dry. I don’t know how you haven’t got an itch on that pussy of yours! Mom, Garib! Hey, how’s it going Show your face more! Hi Garib, how are you, my son Hi, mom! ltigtFinally remembered you have a mother, huhltigt What, no phones in Brasilia Or is it that ridiculous woman of yours Mom, you know very well that since I came here.

To start my vet clinic, life’s been crazy. I’m glad you managed to build that pet thing. Now you can take care of your wife. What is she saying She sent you a kiss! How sweet, send her another. Mom, Andreia is here. She is sending you a kiss. Ok, fine then. Your siblings are fine. Everything is fine. Drop that cookie! Your father is coming. He’s picking them up to go for a ride. Good, send him a kiss from me. Oh, I will. The first thing I’ll do.

When he sets foot here, Garib, is send him a kiss. Definitely! Your father sets foot in here, I’ll say Garib sent you a kiss , ok Come visit us more often, ok Take care. Why didn’t you tell her How, Andreia Does she let me speak anything How I loathe that girl. She thinks she owns him, and she’s ugly. Mom! Poor Andreia. She’s so nice! She’s nice ’cause there’s no other choice. When you’re ugly you need to spiritualize, because the matter is rotten. There’s your father, let’s go! This family is really zen.

Can you lower the horn volume, Carlos Alberto No need to get neurotic on the horn. The neighbors appreciate it. Where are they Juliano’s late because he couldn’t get up. As always. Got it from you, right And Marcelina is in a bad mood, nobody can talk to her. If you do a scan, chances are she’s brain dead. She’s your daughter. Right, my daughter. Yes. ltigtYourltigt daughter. I made her with my finger, huh, Carlos Alberto Hurry up, kids, before I throw a vase down there!.

Juliano, darling, did you get your asthma inhaler Did you, Juliano Hurray! Hi, dad! Hi! Close the door, close it. Marcelina, don’t go crazy on the ice cream, your dad is a moron and can’t set limits. And give Soraya a kiss, that stepmother of yours! That bitch! MY MOM IS A CHARACTER THE MOVIE Dad, where are we going To get Soraya at the beauty parlor, and then. country club! The whale can’t even hear of water, she gets excited! Mock me, Juliano, I’ll tell dad which animal you are.

Hi Marcelina, sweetie. Hi Juliano, darling. Hi Soraya! What’s up Everything cool Excited to go to the club Very! I’m super excited! Honey, is my hair ok He forgot the asthma inhaler. He doesn’t forget his head because it’s stuck to his body. Guys, mom’s calling. Already! Hi, mom! Get back home, you forgot your inhaler! Mom, I’m breathing just fine. I don’t need the medicine, ok What if you have a crisis and die, what then Relax, mom, I’m not gonna have any crisis.

Even so, dad’s got a spare one in the car. Ok, kisses! Mom is a pain! Jesus, Mary and Joseph! ltigtI don’t know how we even stand her!ltigt ltigtShe does that sometimes.ltigt Sometimes Always! Always. ltigtGod forbid! She’s exaggerated, a drama queen.ltigt ltigtThat’s why dad didn’t take it. Got divorced.ltigt ltigtNobody does.ltigt And you’ll be just like her. Have you lost it, Juliano ltigtI’ll never be like her.ltigt ltigtIf I need to be like someone, I’d rather be Soraya.ltigt ltigtAll dresed up, big hair, riding around in a sports carltigt.

Ltigtwith a hunk like dad on the side.ltigt ltigtMuch better than being at homeltigt ltigtdoing the dishes and being a pain in the ass!ltigt Thanks, Ma! Besides, if it were up to me, I’d live with you guys. ltigtOver my dead body.ltigt Are you gonna say you don’t prefer living with them You don’t, right, honey I do. Much better! Need some help No! ltigtI want to see you smile, I want to see you sing,ltigt ltigtI want to see your body dance all night long.ltigt ltigtI want to see you smile, I want to see you sing,ltigt.

LtigtI want to see your body.ltigt ltigtShe is beautiful, her hair.ltigt Hi, aunt Zelia. I came to spend a few days with you, auntie. I can’t stand those kids anymore. I can’t stand being disobeyed, unappreciated to be treated as less than a dog by Marcelina and Juliano! I can’t stand it anymore! I’ve lived a whole life just for them! It’s over! From now on, I’ll only think about me. They’ll see! It’s all about me now! It’s over! But, honey, you’re too worked up! What do you want me to do.

Coffee! You listen to me, Carlos Alberto. This whole club thing. it’s in and out, ok I’m not spending my whole day here being the good stepmother to those two pests! One hour, tops! Done, no more, enough! A pain, annoying, exaggerated, drama queen. That’s what she said, auntie. That’s how she treats me. If regret could kill, I’d be dead already. But it’s normal. All teens say horrible things about their mothers. It comes with the job! And Juliano agreed! They say that boys like him are more affectionate,.

Companions, don’t go out much, very homey. But he’s not! He’d rather live with Carlos Alberto and that bitch Soraya! Marcelina. Honey pie, look at me. I’m thin, right And And you’re fat, right, darling You jumped into that pool like a SeaWorld whale. You know, those at Disney And then a big splash comes out. That’s you, honey. Since we’re in the SeaWorld , can I tell you what you are A mermaid. A barracuda. Has your mother ever told you you’re nasty No, but she told me you were.

Carlos Alberto. When I was younger, I’d say When it’s my turn it’ll be different, I’ll be the best mom ever. And then you find out there’s no such thing, mothers are all the same, and children are all the same too. We wait 9 months to give birth, we suffer, and when they come we get a slap in the face! Is it so hard for Marcelina to be more polite The other day she disobeyed me, embarassed me, inside the supermarket, I was stupefied! Careful, girl! Sorry, mister. See what you did, tubby.

For God’s sake, forgive me. She didn’t crawl as a baby. And when they don’t crawl, they have no notion of space. When you get home, you’re gonna parallel park, between the table and the sofa. Let’s go. Mom, I wanna buy this shampoo! You’re not getting any, put it back. But I wanna look like her. Marcelina, you’ve got other priorities! Give it here. You’re not getting it. Mom. What good is that hair with that body You need a diet. I’ll put you on soup. One of these days, I was like, ”Darling, go on a diet,.

It will help you and it will help mommy. Then she went to the endocrinologist. And apparently, the doctor told her to eat every 3 hours. You see, auntie It was supposed to help me. But I told her, I replied! I told her Marcelina, darling, it’s every 3 hours, a yoghurt, a fruit, not a lasagna every 3 hours. Do you think she listened Fuck no! No, wait a minute, give me that. R$20,00 the ham, not taking it. Go on. Cancellation. Cancellation. But mom, I like ham.

Darling, someone who wears XXXL like yourself, obviously likes everything! Don’t overdo it! I’m not XXXL, I’m just L! Cancel it for me. You’re XL, Marcelina, and if you eat an olive, it’s another X. Fuck, that hag there. Hey, fatty! Who’s the fatty here Yeah, who’s the fatty You, rolypoly. You’re the fatty, chubby. If you decided to eat healthy, leave the register open for us. Let others go through, we don’t have all day. I’m gonna rearrange your dental arch, you clown. Look at that eternal gengivitis.

Just ridiculous. You don’t need a dentist, you need an architect to redo the design. Are you going to offend me now I don’t want to offend you, I wanna help you! In your case, only some good praying. Let’s talk to the witch from our building. Don’t mind her. Are you taking the ham I’m not taking it! I’m going to eat bread with. Who said you’ll eat bread Mom, you’re a pain! Put this chayote in, I’m raising a monster. ltigtBut Marcelina was always like this, auntie, desperate.ltigt.

That one is a handful, Herminia! Get ready. Who’s the queen here Marcelina! Marcelina! Get down from there! How dare you talk to me like that I’m the queen here, obey me! Get down right now! I will not! I’m playing. You sit down. Marcelina, come down without jumping. There you have it. Go, Herminia, go! See what you did, Marcelina Are you satisfied If you fall and die you get me a big problem, I’ve got no money to bury you. I’d bury you in the garden until things get better.

You’re too stressed! It’s because mommy loves you. I couldn’t find the one that doesn’t burn. It’ll have to do. No, no! Almost done! It’s burning. Nothing’s burning. It’s burning. It’s faster like this! ltigtLunch with the familiy was always something.ltigt ltigtMy sister Iesa would always stir trouble.ltigt Are you making Joao’s plate, Iesa No, Joao’s on his third plate by now. He eats everything by himself. I don’t even bother. This is for Andre. Wow! Andre eats salad How wonderful! Andre gives me no trouble.

A little angel, aren’t you, Andre A little angel. Didn’t get it from you, Iesa. Because you’re far from angel, quiet. The quiet DNA is not yours, it’s the father’s. Yeah, he’s quiet, but he’s dull. Dull people are usually quiet. He’s a dissimulated, twoface deceiver, that’s what he is. Geez! Well, I’m staying away from salad. If I take it to her, she may throw it in my face. It’s impossible to see her eat something finer, fancier. She got that from you, huh, Herminia What Geez! The finesse DNA is not yours, it’s the father’s.

The father has finesse Only if it’s on the street, Iesa. Because at home, he mixes food with breadcrumbs. You know what else He fills up the whole plate and puts a banana on top. Is that finesse A banana He puts banana. Oh, the facts of life! How appearences can be deceiving, right I always tought Carlos Alberto was a fancy guy, and you, the troublemaker. Me, the troublemaker, Iesa Where, exactly You’re the troublemaker, ridiculous woman! Minding people’s business! What business When did I do that!.

I won’t argue, Iesa. Do you know why Because deep down, you always hated me. God, you make some stuff up in your mind! Why would I hate you Because I have ass, you don’t. So what So what what One came with a butt, the other didn’t. I do have an ass! What ass That board I’m gonna throw this bacon on your head! Marcelina. Again! Again. Marcelina! Marcelina. Again. ltigtShe didn’t get hurt at all, auntie.ltigt ltigtShe doesn’t get hurt, she gets broken.ltigt.

LtigtIt’s a whole different level.ltigt ltigtShe broke arms, legs, teeth, head.ltigt ltigtI’d tell her Darling, when you grow older,ltigt ltigtyou can be a contortionist.ltigt ltigtWith her first boyfriend, do you know what I saidltigt This is not brand new, ok, boy She’s mended in several places. On the honeymoon, she might fall apart. Mom! You’re going to ruin him. He’s too skinny for you. Come on. ltigtThe only thing that calmed her down was a good old hemorrhoid.ltigt I’ve got a small inflammation, a swelling, a protuberance. Where is it, miss.

In this case, it’s on. It’s hemorrhoid! Mom! You’re out of your mind! And you haven’t pooped in 4 days, Marcelina! I was even wondering if you do those stomach pumps. Because this girl, the amount she eats can fill a container. She hasn’t shit for 4 days, so, 4 containers. I don’t know what to do. I see. I don’t know, maybe a stomach pump. Do you do those full checkouts Checkups, mom! Checkup, checkin, same shit! Just get it pumped. Where do we drop her stool Mom!.

What’s that Free Willy Didn’t you say she hadn’t gone for 4 days But she finally did it, darling. She shat and wreaked havoc. The lab is this way, please. Mom, sit over there! You watch your tone with me. Come on, sir, move it. Thank you for your kindness. Hi. Good morning. I brought my samples. Did you collect them today Yes, but lower your voice! What’s the matter Everybody poops. It doesn’t matter! I don’t, until proven otherwise. Speak louder and I’ll collect your tongue out!.

Just hand over the shit, Marcelina. But on that day, auntie, I laughed with joy. I told her Marcelina, darling, when you mistreat me in front of others that’s how I feel. Embarassed. That’s God’s punishment, sweetie. Hey, mom! Hey, Atila, come here, boy. I missed you. Mom Hello. Hello, Wesley, did you see my mom down there She passed by here, and not in a great mood. ltigtShe even had luggage.ltigt Ok, thanks. So, mrs. Herminia left For heaven’s sake, mrs. Juraci. You’re the syndic but don’t creep up on me.

Did she leave It’s none of my business, I don’t know. So She left, lugagge and all. But why Did you do anything Me Of course not! Did you Me neither! Where could she have gone Hello. Your mother She’s not here, no. ltigtYou guys fight, slap, and want me in the middleltigt I’m not getting into this! Yes, she is here, ok You both screwed up, she’s upset and she’s giving you the silent treatment. Bye. What’s the matter, Juliano Mom is spending some days there. Aunt Zelia said we screwed up.

What did we do I have no idea. That’s one of her dramas! I’m not falling for it. I can’t believe it! Finally, peace in this house! It’s not funny, Marcelina. Not at all. I’m worried about her. Geez. Who called, auntie Juliano. I knew it! Juliano was always more affectionate, more caring. He’s Marcelina’s complete opposite. ltigtNever broke a nail, that I know of.ltigt ltigtI only wish he had half of his sister’s spirit,ltigt ltigtbut he was always like that. different.ltigt Why did they mock you I don’t know.

And you, Garib Why didn’t you defend your brother I’m not in his classroom, mom. How was I to know Ear to the ground, connections, talk to people. Investigate! And why didn’t you mock them back I don’t know how, mom. You’ve got to learn, what are you going to do when I’m not here Are you a man or a piece of bacon A piece of bacon. Let’s go, guys. ltigtIt took me a while to get usedltigt ltigtto my piece of bacon son.ltigt Juliano Juliano What are you doing over there.

LtigtCarlos Alberto did everything, auntie.ltigt ltigtHe put him on soccer practice.ltigt Watch the waist, move the waist. Jab, cross. ltigtHe even put him in boxing lessons.ltigt ltigtActually, Carlos Alberto was far more patient than me.ltigt Punch it, darling. Juliano, fucking kill it, darling. Yes, yes! You’re doing well. Juliano, give it a whoop ass, like this. Relax, let him do things in his own time. What are you talking about To each its own time. You have yours, I have mine, Juliano has his. What do you expect Nothing, Carlos Alberto.

Just teach him any shit from the masculine universe. Why not take him swimming I did. He drowns. Judo He gets beat up, always the first one! What do we do, Carlos Alberto Son, come here. Tell daddy and mommy What do you like to play Dolls. Leave. Give me this. ltigtOn a Christmas, auntie, he bought Juliano a skateboard.ltigt ltigtWe thought it’s ok to play with dolls,ltigt ltigtbut while riding a skateboard. Then it evens out.ltigt Did you like it ltigtGarib, as usual, was never any trouble, a golden boy.ltigt.

Did you like it, my son Thanks, mom! Here, look, essay tubes, potassium permanganate. Drop that french toast! No, it’s mine! Give it back to me. It’s mine! Carlos Alberto, can you get her present so she can drop the food Marcelina, darling, your present. Wow, dad! It’s beautiful! Thank you! It’s all pink, I love pink! Thanks, dad. Mine! No, Juliano. It’s hers! Juliano, that’s not your present. It’s hers. Yeah. Pink, look. A bow. It’s hers. Not yours. What’s the matter with pink.

It’s not about being pink, it’s just hers. The object is hers, not yours. It’s not about the color. It’s hers. Daddy’s got a pink shirt. You do, Carlos Alberto It’s lilac. Lilac! Oh, no, it’s pink. Pink. But that’s not the issue, it just isn’t yours, it’s hers! It’s hers! Son, easy, easy! Take her. Marcelina, come with me, honey. Come here. See what you did Now what are we giving Marcelina How about this one And this one No.

This one, my love. ltigtI must have said some awful thingsltigt ltigtto Juliano without realizing it.ltigt ltigtI was just so afraid to see him suffer, auntie.ltigt ltigtHe was always so kind, so sweet, such a good boy.ltigt Hi, mom. This is Tiago. We just came to get a. Hi, Tiago! How are you Hi, good afternoon. Good afternoon. Now that you’re here, Tiago, where did you meet Juliano Well, from life. What life At a nightclub. Where On the entrance line. What line The bar’s.

Which bar In the nightclub. Which nightclub, Juliano A club that I go to. Who took you Tiago. Isn’t that where you two met Different one. You both sit down, now. I want to talk to you. Let’s talk about that nightclub. Are there more men or women there More men. More women! No, he lies! One more thing. Do the men get shirtless Yeah. One more thing, Tiago, sweetie. The music, is it those loud beats with no vocals Yeah.

Ok. And the dancing, is it. What do you want to know Just ask! No, never mind. Let’s get the DVD. Nice to meet you. You too. Yeah, he’s kind of cute. Juliano is really a golden boy, no I miss my piece of bacon , auntie. I’m not even hungry. I’m starving! What’s there to eat There’s everything. Rice, beans. We only have no clue how to cook it. What’s the use We could ask aunt Iesa. Are you crazy, Juliano Mom’s already pissed at us, if we drag aunt Iesa into it.

Let’s starve to death, then. I got it! Waldeia’s there! Waldeia! Deia. What is it I’m on vacation. Hurry up. But you’re here! I’m not there , I’m here. There I’m on vacation. Here I’m working. I got an extra shift at Iesa’s. It doesn’t matter, you have to help us. Mom left. It’s just another of her dramas. Soon she’ll be back. I know her. Geez. Waldeia, she left us with no food. She did you a favor, right, Marcelina You’re a pain! Speaking the truth makes you a pain, huh. What, Juliano!.

We don’t know how to cook. Then you’ll have to learn. What if World War III starts There’s no more food Marcelina’s stocked up, what would you do Eat your fingers Bye. Good night, honey. Good night, auntie. I think I overdid it. Don’t think about the kids. You need to think about yourself now. Ok, auntie, I will. So relax and sleep. Ok, auntie, I will. Up already, darling You’re completely right, auntie. I was thinking. They’re not kids anymore. I should focus on me now.

I’ll change my life around. You’ll see. That’s more like it! Upbeat! Forget that housewife! Done. Forget those kids! Done! So let’s hit the streets! Let’s go, auntie! They’re both fine, I’m sure of it. They have a strong bond. Let’s go. Auntie, I loved that you brought me to Icarai beach, it’s been a long time since I came here. Great idea. Hi, Dea Lucia, are you ok Remember her You know what’s good about this beach There’s only beautiful people. With one or two exceptions.

Look, Herminia, I’m going to say something, don’t be mad at me. What I really think you need is a man. A man! Auntie, let me tell you Seeing and having are two different things. You need a husband! Are you crazy, auntie One more at home to increase my load. Geez. A husband is not an object you get in the supermarket and simply take it home. Nowadays, it’s harder to get husbands than public jobs. A good one, then. Nowadays, you’re too picky! In my days, we fixed them. Today, you just trade them.

Men are annoying, auntie. If uncle Iranizio was alive, you would’ve killed him already! Oh, the poverty. Juliano, isn’t Tiago coming You could call him, ask him to bring sandwiches. Of course not, we just started dating, I won’t start asking him things. Why not Tell him mom freaked out, left, and abondoned us here with nothing. We. Just. Started. Dating! He shouldn’t find out this family is crazy. Juliano, he already knows mom is crazy! I don’t care, I won’t do it. Go out and buy it. But I’m tired.

Oh, decided to call None of your business! Hey, hon. Ridiculous. You see how life is. I’m loving this time I’m spending with you, auntie. I’m loving it too, having you here with me. ltigtIt’s also good to get away from that building.ltigt ltigtIt’s full of crazies.ltigt ltigtNot to mention mrs. Lourdes.ltigt ltigtI get the chills just by looking at her.ltigt ltigtI’ll hide in the first hole I find.ltigt Herminia! Herminia! Fuck. Hi, Mrs. Lourdes. Is everything ok ltigtOh my God, why did I askltigt Well, not really. I don’t know if I told you,.

But I have some serious intestine issues. ltigtAlways such pleasant topics.ltigt You did. You told me your whole life. I have a big problem, I suffer from constipation. I try everything, right Lots of fiber, vegetables, papaya, homeopathics, luck charms. To try and loosen the bowels. And Well, now it’s loose. My lord, you must have pooped things from the 70’s. Girl, now I’m all loose, everything, it’s terrible. I even changed the diet. I bought cashew, bananas, I don’t know what else to buy to control this. Buy adult diapers. How about that.

LtigtAnd some duct tape to shut that mouth.ltigt ltigtNever met someone with so much to say.ltigt Wesley! Wesley! He’s not in. How so The doorman must be at the door. It’s in the regulations! Oh my God, if he doesn’t get here my arm will gangrene. I’ll yell him out. Wesleeey! Totally lost the sense of ridicule and respect for others. I’m sorry, it was hard to control. Just a little fart. A little fart like that, in a bigger scale, could destroy mankind. ltigtHow I loathe this syndic.ltigt.

LtigtA woman that size, thinking she owns the building.ltigt ltigtSometimes I feel like punching her to the ground.ltigt It’s really hard for me. For me For us, honey. I’m sorry. Go, mrs. Lourdes. But I can wait. Go! New resident Yes. 302. Have you no shame, girl All that singing, day and night. My husband got a new karaoke machine. He sings all day, I hate that thing. And you don’t sing, huh, halfwit I hear woman’s voice. But not for a long time, right.

‘Cause he’s the fanatic, won’t let me sing. And when it’s my turn he chooses my song. I don’t know what to do. But I do. Residents meeting today, I’ll be at your door, with or without music. Now, excuse me. Residents meeting. Let’s go! Is it time already Yes, of course. What’s this He’s ruining the song. He ruins all of them. Oh, come on, that song’s wonderful. That’s just wrong. Give it here, you goat. Ridiculous. Give it here. ltigtI love you, I love you.ltigt.

Fuck. ltigtI want to make you happy.ltigt ltigtLet’s get the first plane.ltigt Wait, you’re early! Can’t I join in Of course not. Have you ever seen a country trio It’s always duos. Duos! What the hell A last minute trio Hey, the residents meeting is on! For heaven’s sake! Asshole, son of a bitch. I wanted to sing, you stood by her. You’re messing with me, give it. I love you, you know it. Yeah, right. ltigtCry for me, call me.ltigt You’re fucked! Fucked! Well, since nobody opposed,.

I’ll consider we all agreed, and also decided on the addition of an extra fee. Now let’s move on to the next topic, a very important one increasing the syndic’s salary. The syndic is the authority figure here in this building and also the one with the most responsabilities, of course. That’s why I put this topic in our agenda. Started already Yes. We’ve already decided on the extra fee and we are now on the final considerations. Good, you’re on your final consideration, because that soft talk of yours to get our money is old news.

The news now are going to come from me. I’m going to tell on everyone, even Wesley is gonna go down. I’ve never seen a doorman that’s not at the door. How do you explain that Is he a ghost He comes to the door for 3min and leaves. Is he a visitor I’ll write down your complaint, every opinion is valid. After all, this is our home. A home is where you’re going, if you don’t knock that dull face off. That’s absurd! The absurd is you, making this renovation up.

And trying to shove this extra fee on us. But we need to finish the garage renovation! Exactly, darling, we need to finish that construction! 3 months drilling that garage. Where are you getting at Earth’s core Who did you join forces with Bin Laden That’s a good one. Bin Laden’s dead! What’s so funny, mr. Maranhao I think it’s funny your interest for this garage renovation. What’s it for To put a large kennel for you and your dogs I didn’t even know mr. Maranhao had a dog. Three. A pit bull, a siberian husky and him.

You see, not even the syndic knew. This building is a joke. I’m confused. I’m getting a headache. We get one too, everyday with that strong incense you light up. Can’t you reduce the frequency, girl Because you’re not the witch. That’s her, I’ll be with you in a sec. Now you, lighting that incense with those red eyes, you’re lighting something else. Your kids also light it. My kids light it sporadically, they’re young. You’re a grownup, an adult, you lit it, you liked it, you’re hooked. You light it up every day.

Guys, let’s do something here. It’s over! This is a circus act, come on, leave! Meeting’s over. This is a joke. I’m not myself today. Let’s go! Me, crazy Pothead. Look at that aggressive pothead. Come on, let’s go. Look at the sweaty one. Go take a shower, you clown. Ridiculous. Sweaty. Good, you’re the last one here. I’m not alone. Oh, no You’re with whom I’m with my guides. With your guides If you keep playing those drums every Tuesday afternoon, you’ll be with them on the same plane.

If you keep bugging me, I’ll incarnate a spirit right here. An entity. I’ll beat both your asses. That’s absurd! I’ll disincarnate, if I have to. Get out of here! Geez. Clown, colorful, ridiculous. Too much negativity Have a salt shower. Salt shower I’ll shove salt down your throat. Clown, ridiculous, colorful. Go to the circus. Did you see that, auntie Threatening me with an entity! But on that day I said it all. If I didn’t, I would explode. That’s what you should do. Explode it all, then pick up the pieces and restart.

Forget everything and worry about yourself. I try, auntie. But, before I know it, I’m already involved with something else. Now, for instance, I’m talking to you here, but I’m thinking if the children ate well. I can’t help it. HUNGRY! Hey, honey. Hey, hon. Here, I brought the sandwich you asked. Great! I brought you one too, Marcelina. It’s chicken. I wasn’t sure about the side order. It’s salad, right Yeah. no. Some fries would be better, but in our predicament, no other option, I’ll take the salad. Thanks.

And I brought your favorite What Cheese bacon. What Wanna switch, Marcelina I’m not even gonna fake it. Yeah! Here, orca! Handsome, you! I’m glad I’m here with you, you know What’s wrong My house sucks. My mother’s annoying as hell. So is ours. What do you mean, you lunatic Well, she’s just not here, but wherever she is, she’s annoying as hell. That’s how they classify me annoying. These kids don’t want anything out of life. Not at all. Never have. When Iesa started living there, I had to set some boundaries.

She’d go out to work, and Joao Marcelo would stay the whole day in my place. The whole day! That’s how they are. That’s what they do. Joao Marcelo and Andre Luis are forbidden of stepping in here. Forbidden! Willl you explain why You stay cramped up in here, fighting, and I’ve had enough. That’s it Not a good reason. Give me more. Fine, I’m crazy. Not coming in! End of story! Forbidden! You see That’s why I’m growing with all these traumas. I somatize it all in my body,.

Get nervous, then I can’t stop eating. So now, you being fat is my fault. Yeah! I raised you both. He’s thin! But he’s gay! Wha. Marcelina! Mom! Mom, mom. Look what you did! See Go get some help, see if there’s anyone at aunt Iesa’s. Go. Run, girl! Mom, mom. I think my mom’s dead! What Come, Andre! Aunt Aunt Herminia I told you I don’t want you in here anymore. Get out! But weren’t you dead That’s your problem. Get out. Move! I was far from dead, auntie.

I just faked it so I could get out of that conversation. I thought, with Iesa next door. raising the children would be easier. You’d help each other. Help, auntie We just added up the problems, she was full of them too. You scared me! What now Come on, sit over there. Herminia, can you believe Andre started smoking I don’t believe it, give me one. We try setting the example. I do it all, I work my ass off, I suffer all day in order for them to learn, but they don’t!.

Look at your mother’s example. Look at what she’s become. A delusional, failed, heinous, assless, goldenteethed, decadent woman. Hey, don’t overdo it! You’re enabling smoking, then I’m glad I don’t have that here. My kids never smoked or put a cigarette on their mouths. Yes, they did. What I saw Marcelina smoking one of these days. What! I’m not feeling well, I’m blacking out, got the chills, look. Bullshit. Hold those chills, because I’m not done. If Juliano doesn’t, he soon will. He’s obviously full of issues,.

And cigarettes are home to unbalanced people. Just like you, Iesa. You’re living proof! What are you, a saint No, but do you think I forgot That fit you threw when mom died and left me the coffee table Mom hated me. It had to be it. Hated you, my ass! If she didn’t, the coffee table would be mine, not yours. This living room is all cluttered, full of knickknacks. Ridiculous. Nobody walks in here, it’s like a museum, and old store, a mess. What’s this Jealous much It’s not fair!.

Mom always knew I loved that coffee table. You had to bring it up. So annoying, this whole coffee table thing. A circus act. It’s mine! Enough! Mom died and left it with me. Solid wood, wonderful. You’ll die before you get it. Who said you won’t die first What You’re older than me. It’s only natural. When you die, I get the coffee table. Yeah, sure, I’ll put it in my will, darling! I’ll put, Coffee table not Iesa’s. Then who’ll get it No one. I’ll just put, colon Except Iesa.

Weren’t you about to black out, faint, have a thing, full of chills Aren’t you going to bed How No time for that, I’m a busy woman, anguished, full of problems. I think, Herminia. I’m troubled, it’s karma. I don’t sleep, sis. Go find yourself a man! Why don’t you go first Geez. Why You find a scumbag, I’ll find a better one. Competitive much I’m not, the table should be mine. Now we’re back on the coffee table! It should be mine!.

Holy fuck! Look here, Herminia, you know what I think That you never cared for Garib. You never gave him much tought. You never talk about him. It seems there’s only Juliano and Marcelina in your life. What can I say about Garib, auntie He always had good grades, always studied. He left home, so different from the rest of the family! I don’t know. Something’s fishy. I’ll make some coffee. Geez! She came in strong, no good morning , and already laid an intrigue. This soon! Hello. Hello, Garib.

Hey, mom, what is it Let me ask you something Did you have that childhood trauma thing No, of course not, mom. Are you sure of that, Garib No backsies. Kisses, bye. Aunt Zelia, let me tell you I called Garib. No traumas there. Ok They have nothing to be traumatized about. They always had everything. I made all the birthday parties. It was my pleasure. Geez! Crazy woman. Quit it! She’s crazy. I don’t know where my mind was when I decided to do this party.

Next time, put me in an asylum first, Waldeia. I don’t know why you invited so many. I’m not sure there’s enough food! How come! Look at all these hotdogs! Kids party is just hotdogs and soda, that’s enough! Except it’s juice, not soda. Same thing, Waldeia. Where In this world Which country Geez. Hi! ltigtI’m hungry!ltigt Here, hotdogs! ltigtI don’t like hotdogs.ltigt But you’re gonna eat them! You are gonna eat this shit. Here. ltigtI’m thirsty!ltigt Juice is coming, ok Yes, juice. ltigtI wanted soda.ltigt.

Wanted ! You used the correct tense. Wanted! There’s no soda. Give me this balloon. Look at the clown, look! Don’t you wanna do anything, you clown What’s this Give me this shit. Shitty clown, never again. Benjamin, let’s take some hotdogs to Marcelina. You pests! Balloons, never again. Hotdogs! Mom, I told you not to come in here! Get out! I told you! Hotdogs! Mom, get out! Fuck. Stop barging in all the time, we’re not doing anything! It’s my birthday. I don’t want closed doors! That’s it! It’s my birthday, you’re a pain!.

Marcelina, I told you I don’t want this fucking door closed! What’s that you’re hiding there This, mom. It’s a. a. a sort of clay, like. humus. It’s like a compost that gets the plants. High, Marcelina Super high. Do you think I was born yesterday I’ from the Woodstock generation. Are you crazy Mom, you went to Woodstock I did, passed straight by it. But I felt the stink. Moms and dads are not morons. I want this door open. They think they know everything about life. That mothers and fathers have no other concerns.

You know. They don’t realize we also have a history. We also suffered, got happy, disappointed. You know Teenagers are very hard, auntie. I would rather have 20 kids than one teenager. Teenagers think nothing bad will ever happen to them. They think they’re immortals. I wish. Mom. Mom, wake up. Mom, something happened to Andre LuiZ. ltigtWe spend our children’s adolescence with no sleep,ltigt ltigthoping nothing bad will happen.ltigt ltigtAnd when Andre died, my God.ltigt ltigtFor a second there, the whole family died with him.ltigt ltigtBut I think, auntie, that when a mother loses a son,ltigt.

Ltigtall the mothers in the world lose a bit of themselves.ltigt This conversation took a turn, huh. Yes, I’m sorry. I said too much. You did. You opened a lot of parenthesis and closed none. But I’m glad I have you to open them with. I’m very lonely at home. If it’s up to the children, they never talk to me. They don’t bother. They come in, stay for 5 minutes, and go back out. Marcelina, forget that nightclub! Forget the partying. No partying! Marcelina, you come home right now! Do not set my disrhythmia off!.

Forget the beer! No! Because I don’t want you to! Just because. Yes, it is an answer! Just because! Because I’m crazy! Come home. I don’t want you there. Come. Oh, disobey me! You hang up on me, and I’ll show up there in my nighties. Forget the beer! No! Let’s go, I’m going after her. Come on, Juliano. Mom! You’re in your nightgown! I don’t care. Should I dress up just to slap her face Wait! Come, Juliano. Excuse me, I’m an elderly, I go in first. Stop it, mom! Sorry, sorry.

She’s nervous. Mom, please. Sorry, hi. Good evening. I was wondering, why is everyone in pajamas It’s a pajama party today, and you’re not dressed for it. Call Liege. Who’s Liege Liege Monteiro, our greatest press secretary. I went to school with her! Let me explain. Liege didn’t throw this party. It’s Carol Sampaio’s, ok From Favorite I know her. We know her, sure. Let’s speed this up. You can go, because you’re dressed for it. You can’t. Pants off. I won’t.

Take them off! I can’t! Right now! No, not here. Shut up, mind your own! Let’s go. Geez, that ridiculous lingerie, minding my son’s business. Put it here. There. He’s dressed, you clown. He’s dressed! Out of my way! Excuse me. Let’s go. Geez! What a lunatic! God knows what He’s doing. Look at the parties your sister goes to! Pajama party! In my days, there was nothing like this. No way! Carlos Alberto only saw me like this after we got married. If he had seen it before, we might not have got married.

On the other hand, mom, now everybody’s looking! After a certain age, we put it in God’s hand. Now shut up! Help me find your sister. Look at this nightclub, full of whores. Excuse me. Out of my way. Are you Carol Nice to meet you. Hi. Since you own all this, turn this shit off, please. Shut up, boo my ass! Marcelina, look at me, you can’t hide for long, mommy knows you’re there. Ok, darling I’ll just say stuff, you’re probably embarassed, but then at least you’ll have a reason.

Guys, Marcelina is the filthiest girl ever, you have no idea. She didn’t get it from me! It’s the father’s fault. Mom! One more thing She wears the same shirt 700 times, never changes it. She fills her armpit with deodorant, to get the B.O. out, then she gets that thick yellow crust there, because she has B.O. It’s normal at that age, it’s a hormonal B.O. Mom! Hi, Marcelina, I was just talking about you! Let’s go, mom! Wait a minute, not now, I’m enjoying this chat. Isn’t it fun, guys.

Mom, that can’t be your normal you. Why not I’m young too, of course I’m not normal! Can anyone be normal here, like a tutorialgame, this ridiculous music Are you trying to embarass me to death I wouldn’t say death , but since I’m here, I’d like to have a chat. Here’s the thing Raise your hands whoever finished middle school. Wonderful, good students! How about high school The numbers started to drop, Marcelina. And college Did you finish This is an embarassment. So this is the ungraduated crowd. The ungraduated nightclub. Wonderful, guys.

Marcelina is ungraduated too. How many times have you sucked at your SATs She’s dumb, she can’t assimilate. You know, the questions. You’re destroying my image! Of course not, I’m just talking. Aren’t you enjoying it Yeah! Then you stay there while I have drink at the bar. Like hell you will! I’m so embarassed! You, embarassed I’m embarassed! Look at her clothes, like a slut! As if she didn’t have a mother. I’ll never show my face there again! Damn right, Marcelina! You’re never going there again!.

LtigtRidiculous! Full of ridiculous people.ltigt ltigtThat decadent, dark place.ltigt I think I miss mom’s craziness. Let’s call her, ask her to come back. I won’t! She left, she should call us. If mom were here right now. I’m looking for 50 bucks she owes me. Beat it! Let’s take a walk, auntie. I’ll buy some things and cook you a delicious meal. I don’t want it, I’m not hungry. Then I’ll buy some appetizers for us. No, only old people eat appetizers. What’s the matter What happened A thousand things. Look at this.

What’s that ltigtI can’t forget that kiss. I didn’t even watch the movie.ltigt ltigtI can’t stop thinking about you.ltigt ltigtTime has proved that my love was real, that I wasn’t crazy.ltigt ltigtI can’t imagine my life without you.ltigt ltigtHerminia, our children are beautiful and healthy.ltigt ltigtThat’s the greatest proof our love was worth it.ltigt ltigtBut we can’t look away from what’s happening.ltigt ltigtMom, you’re the prettiest rose of all.ltigt ltigtWe can’t live without you.ltigt I’ll call her. Come on, auntie. I forgot my wallet. Wait just a second. What for, auntie I’ve got money.

I don’t leave home without my ID. Just a second. Yeah, get your ID. Old people can’t walk around unidentified. Old people must always be alert. They’re not answering. Maybe they’re sleeping. I’ll try again. Damn it. Hello Hi, auntie! ltigtFinally! I was worried.ltigt What’s happening Why is mom acting like this Look, darling, I shouldn’t say anything. But this has gone too far. ltigtHere’s what happenedltigt ltigtBut I ask you first not to tell her I told you,ltigt ltigtbecause you can be a big mouth sometimes.ltigt.

Hey! Took you a while, auntie! What happened Imagine that, I forgot where I put my wallet. Why do you hide things, auntie After a certain age we can’t hide anything, two minutes later we forget where we hid it. Come on. Let’s go. Honey, I don’t want to butt in, but don’t you think it’s time to go back home Yeah, I do, but what of my pride As long as I remember what they said. Forget that. Why Do you want me to go If that’s it, I’ll go. Am I bothering you.

No, not at all. If you want me to, I’ll go. Do you want to go Do you want me to go I’ll tell them I came back because you told me to. You’re dying to go back! Of course I am! And my pride Where do I put it Of course I am. And What do you think They left. And the doorman, with that dull face, has no idea where they went. Aargh. She should get a cellphone. Yeah, absurd. When I get home, I’ll tell them.

Next time they disobey me, it won’t be an ice treatment, it’ll be an iceberg. They’ll see. Next time, I’ll get my savings and go to New York. I’ll leave a note I left, don’t bother. Take me with you! Definitely, auntie. Relax, Marcelina, relax! At least we know mom’s with aunt Zelia, she’s fine. She’s not fine, Juliano. And I feel terrible. Don’t be like this. Come here. What is it you wanted to do, again Eat. Ah, eat. Campo de Sao Bento looks prettier every day, isn’t it.

It’s true, this is just like Central Park, but in Niteroi. Hi Could I interview you Of course! What’s your name Herminia and Zelia. We’re going in live, ok I told you to get those curlers out. It’s fine. We’re going in. I’m here with mrs. Herminia. And Zelia. I wanted to know fom you, have you noticed the food prices increase Of course I have! This whole the country is broke , that’s just silly, boy. It’s broken for ages. At home, things are broken for a while.

This week was the microwave oven, it had a oneyear warranty. After one year and one day, it broke. Right God, I’m so happy! Marcelina, look! Unbelievable! What’s this! Is it live Where It’s at Campo de Sao Bento, mom’s there right now. Let’s go! Very nice of you. ltigtHome appliances, nowadays, are not like before.ltigt ltigtThanks for.ltigt ltigtHold up. I’ve got more to say.ltigt Look at that, Soraya. She loves the spotlight. ltigtThere are things mothers don’t say.ltigt ltigtIn fact, let me do something here.ltigt Yeah. In my opinion, a woman has to be discreet,.

Has to shine naturally. ltigtI wanted to tell you all respect your mothers, okltigt Wow, cameras really make you fat, right Let me listen. ltigtNo, hold up, 3 minutes is too little for a mother.ltigt ltigtWe act a little bit crazy,ltigt ltigtjust because we really are, okltigt ltigtBut we mean well.ltigt Who’s this crazy woman Cut, cut, cut! No, no, wait. Let her. The ratings are going up. ltigtWe may be a pain, you know.ltigt. I am. When my kids ask me things I don’t have, it hurts, isn’t that right, auntie It hurts.

We want to give, but we don’t have it! Then, what’s left, boy You see We suffer. Raising is difficult, the thing is. Making it is easy, but raising. right, auntie But I tell them this Enjoy your mom while she’s alive, because our only certainty is that we’ll die, you see Mom! Those are mine. ltigtI miss you!ltigt ltigtYou’re coming back, rightltigt ltigtDo you promise to.ltigt ltigtI missed you so much!ltigt ltigtI missed you both.ltigt Buddy, excuse us, this not a reality show. Babe. Babe.

LtigtEven I missed you, can you believe itltigt They’re through the roof, can you imagine ltigtWill you get the wet towel off the bedltigt ltigtYes.ltigt ltigtDo you promise to put the toothpaste lid back onltigt ltigt for the shit not to get lumpy Yes.ltigt Babe, let’s go to the bedroom. Let’s go, babe. To the bedroom Nothing for you today, ok, babe Do you. I won’t promise anything. Moms are neutral, right Let’s go, guys. I was going to have a heart attack. I’m starving. ONE WEEK LATER Mrs Herminia!.

Do you wanna give me a heart attack God forbid! If you die I lose my job. Mr. Carlos Alberto’s coming and they won’t wake up to take a shower. The rooms are stinking rotten. They won’t There! Marcelina, you’ve showered. Let’s go. Your father’s coming. Juliano, your father’s coming. Will you have a bathroom or a bedroom shower He chose the traditional one, that’s great. Cleaning the ballroom for the party, Marcelina Pass me the sweetener. I won’t! I’ll spend some days away. Disobeying me this early.

Soon, they’ll be slapping you. You see. But mom, come on. Waking us up with water What’s this Are you all ganging up on me now Answer the phone, Waldeia. It’s not for me. You see. Hello. Hi, aunt Zelia, how are you Everything’s fine. Yes, everything’s great. Yeah, we’re much better than before! Aunt Zelia, I’m hanging up now, Carlos Alberto’s here. Now the gang’s finally full. Let me see if that slum madame is here too. Ok Kisses. Let me check if the boss bandit dared to come.

There, she did. Hi, Soraya! Everything ok Nice dress, darling! Thanks, honey pie. Carlos Alberto gave me. Expensive. Such good taste, Carlos Alberto! Always had, Herminia! That’s why I married you. Married and then dumped me. Do you know why, honey pie In time, people get finer tastes. Hi! Hi, Soraya. Hi, honey. How are you What’s up. Hi, dad! They didn’t even give me a kiss. Why would they start now Look, it’s filthy! You clown! Be careful, kids, and look! Mommy loves you. Hi, aunt Zelia. Hello, I’d like to talk to mrs. Herminia.

That would be me. Hi, you don’t know me, ltigtmy name’s Joao Fonseca.ltigt ltigtI’m the director of a TV station.ltigt ltigtYou were interviewed live on our show.ltigt Yes. ltigtI’d like to say that the interview was a huge hit.ltigt ltigtWe got several emails, and we thoughtltigt about creating a TV show, just for you. ltigtNot even in my wildest dreams.ltigt ltigtI’d think my life would get turned around like this.ltigt ltigtBut if there’s a group of people whose livesltigt ltigtkeep getting turned around, it’s moms, no doubt about it.ltigt.

Waldeia Yes. Have you ever thought about working at a celebrity’s house No, I thought about me being the celebrity. Me, having all the fame. What are you talking about No, never mind. Just curious. ONE MONTH LATER ltigtAttention, 1, 2, 3, recording.ltigt Good morning to all our mom viewers. Welcome! We welcome you too, sons of a gun! You, who don’t appreciate us, for you, I say Wait, yours is coming your way. So, Margareth, let’s talk to Margareth real quick. Your daughter flunked the 8th grade 8 times now.

I can’t believe it, she’s completely hopeless. What would you do, Eunice I’d beat her good. Did you or did you not I did, so hard, even more than I should. At home, that’s how they learn. Do you know it’s not true No They don’t learn. I’d even like to send a message here You can’t beat them up, you go to jail. It’s in the law. You can’t beat them in any way. When I’ve had enough, what do I do I throw the first thing I see at them.

But that’s also beating. But then you don’t leave your fingerprint on them. You send your message and walk away free. So, if you want to beat the dirt off your clothes, do you know what you do Here. Come here, honey. This girl slows us down. It’s the dynamic duo, Liquid Ariel and Downy. All the dirt goes away with Liquid Ariel. And Downy’s scent is four times stronger than the others. So, now, back to the talk. You can go now. THREE WEEKS LATER ltigtDon’t you miss, in a few moments, on MDG,ltigt.

Ltigtthe premiere of Herminia Show.ltigt Today’s the premiere! Don’t even. Are you smoking Oh, auntie, I’m nervous! Then you’re the usual you. And Iesa, is she here yet Iesa’s not watching it here because she’s cold. Who’s cold Who said I’m cold Did you change your mind I’m watching it with you, here, with the family. Are you smoking Mind your own business, Iesa. Mom, you’re not gonna believe this. Dad’s coming up. Your dad Unbelievable! Today’s the day. Hi, Soraya! Hey, honey! You ok.

Hi, dad. How are you, my son Hi. No need. How are you, Carlos Alberto Herminia! I had to come and congratulate you. Congratulations, Herminia. You’re going to be famous! Is there anything to drink or only after the fame There’s something for you, yes. Waldeia, get Soraya some water. Sit, Carlos Alberto, be my guest. Hello, hi. Hi, honey! Do you want some coffee No, thank you. I do. Is there anything you don’t, Soraya The bathroom. Find it yourself. Still jealous, Herminia Of you, Carlos Alberto.

An old man like that. ltigtIn a few moments, the mustsee show for moms.ltigt Have you boiled the water, pretty thing Do you know Physics What Physics states that water only boils at a certain temperature. I don’t know exactly which, because I don’t have exactitude. It won’t boil sooner just because you want to. But I think Physics must do what I want. Everybody does, why would Physics be different Because that’s what you think. I don’t work with thoughts, I work with exactitudes. Did you like it.

What This middle class kitchen Not really. Too small. I like space, you know, Wal. Waldeia. Waldete. Do you know how many square meters my apartment has Yeah, you really need a lot of meters to fit that arrogance. Wow. one of Snow White’s dwarves started talking! You know what you look like A little ant. But with that big head, it’s more of a fire ant. What’s your problem Tract infection Yeast infection Constipation Drink plum juice. It’ll fix that face of yours. Who do you think you are, Jiminy Cricket.

She doesn’t ltigtthinkltigt she is, she ltigtis!ltigt And if she’s Jiminy Cricket, you’re Noah’s ark. You’re a cow, a hen, a bitch, a rhyno, a snake, everything. Gloves off now Exactly. Just because I dissed your tiny little maid She’s not a maid, honey. She’s family. Unlike you. You listen to me, Herminia. Mrs. Herminia! It’s Mrs. Herminia for you. Santa That’s right, I forgot you’re way older than me. I’m older, far older, far more interesting, far more anything than you. Someone like you should understand that time passes.

For you, time flew! You should fly too. Get out of my kitchen. Don’t touch me. One more thing Herminia, you’re swollen. You’ll be swollen too when I shove this tray down your throat. Clown! Herminia. What is it, Carlos Alberto Round two No, I owe you an apology. Carlos Alberto. I know perfectly well I wasn’t a good husband. I’m not the greatest father either, but. I want you to know that despite everything, I really like you. Let me tell you something. You were a great husband, you ltigtareltigt a great father.

And the kids love you. Everything’s fine. But your part is very hard. It’s not hard, it’s easy. What do I do I go to the supermarket, buy something, come back, do the dishes, do the laundry, forgot something, go back. Yeah, my part is hard. Yes, very hard. When I put it this way. I think we’re starting to get along, Carlos Alberto. I think so too. Only one think left for us to really get along. What Dump that son of a bitch!.

Mom, Garib’s here. Garib, Carlos Alberto! Hi, Garib, my son! Long time no see! Do you want anything to drink I’m really thirsty, I’d love a drink. Of course. Waldeia, bring this girl some water! Excuse us. Darling, anything to drink Some grape juice. Get out, honey. Spatious. Have a seat. What’s up Are you guys ok No, I’m fine. Actually, I’d like to take the time, since everyone’s here, to give some great news Andreia and I. We’re pregnant! You’re going to be a grandmother! How do you spring something like that on me.

On the day of my show’s premiere! Mom, be quiet so you can rest, please! Jesus, how will we raise this child Every other day in my place Mom, I live in Brasilia! We’ll talk later. My goodness. What are we going to do Give me the name of that baby food, I’m doing groceries today, I’ll stock it up. Mom, we’re only 3 months in. We don’t even know the gender. I’ll buy unisex baby food. Not a problem, Garib. See the shit you did, Garib Not long ago I spent two days at Zelia’s,.

How long will I need to be here I’m shutting up, now. I need to be alive when my show premieres. THIS MOVIE IS DEDICATED TO ALL BRAZILIAN MOMS, ESPECIALLY TO DEA LUCIA, INSPIRING MUSE OF THIS PIECE. Delete it! I’m going to tell the fucked up things you do at home. Delete it! Delete what The picture looks great! Ouch! Delete it! Stop it, mom! The picture looks great! You’ll see what I’ll do with this tablet. Give it. I will not! What do you want Are you filming me Of course not, mom!.

You’re filming! You bastard! I wanted to go to the party, take a shower and you’re pestering me Give me my tablet. Get out! I’ll pin you to the wall, just like I did with Juliana. Give me my tablet. Against the wall. Give it back! I won’t! Get back here! Give it back! Trying to hide behind the door, huge woman. Huge is your ass, your tongue, you son of a bitch. Give me my tablet! Paulo Gustavo, here. Do anything you want. I’ll gather the press.

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