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My Mom Was Right About Everything

Well, hello everyone! My name is Tyler Oakley. And even though I do not have internet or power or heat, I am still here making a tutorial for you because y’all wanted to do another Ask Tyler. So, I got on Twitter, asked you guys to tweet me any of your questions with AskTylerAnything and y’all delivered. So, let’s get into it. kanyenot wants to know, What is the weirdest rumour you’ve ever read or heard about yourself I’ve read that I’m homophobic. How are you bearing with the snow in Michigan.

Mind you, I am freezing. This is why I don’t come to Michigan. This is why I don’t live in Michigan anymore. The trees are down. The power lines are down. My refrigerator is not working, and there’s no WiFi. Honestly, this is like a horror movie, but in real life. But I have to say, I am actually making do because when these things happen here in Michigan, my friends all come out of the woodworks and offer their places of warmth and WiFi, and it brings us together in a place of love.

Claire wants to know, What are your thoughts on The Vamps I love The Vamps. I think they’re great. They’re such nice guys. I met them at Summer in the City, and I absolutely adore them, so I am here for their success. And I will help them as much as I can. Alondra wants to know, Who do you want to collab with next Well, Alondra, mama is thirsty, and I think it might be time for another drunk collab with my girl Sawyer. Summer Kay wants to know, If you wrote a book, what would the title be.


If I wrote a book, the title would probably be Look at This Shit Show Motherfucker Riding a One Man Struggle Bus Down Hot Mess Lane, A Novel by Tyler Oakley. Ella says, Did you ever think about becoming a straight laughs Never in my life. Good lord, heaven above! No offense, but girl, it’s not for me. mel wants to know, When the eyebrow piercing is making a comeback So, if you didn’t know, very early in my YouTube career, I had an eyebrow piercing, okay. It was an experimental time in my life.

I was trying to discover who I was. Part of that was facial jewelry. kaifangirl101 wants to know, Who would play you in the movie version of your life It’s very difficult because I’m like, Okay, well, there’s always Beyonce. I don’t know if she’d be able to capture my essence completely because I’m such a complex bad bitch, so I would probably have to play myself. DJ Hager wants to know, What Audible book are you suggesting this month claps If I were to recommend any book this month, I would probably have to say Catching Fire.

Because I saw the movie with a whole bunch of YouTube friends, and some of us had read the books beforehand, I included. And then, some of us hadn’t. And we loved it! I thought it was so good. It’s gonna be one of those classic trilogy movies that’s just all time amazing. But then, some of the people that didn’t read the book, they walked out so confused. And I’m like, How do you see a movie that was based on a book that was so critically acclaimed and complain that you don’t get it.

when you didn’t even read the book in the first place. I’m like, Hello! If you use audibletyleroakley, bell rings you will get your first book free. Get the book that you were about to see the movie of and just enjoy it. And then, you’ll appreciate the movie 10 times more. Just do it, okay. Audible has so many audio books to choose from. You can just listen to anything, but I am recommending, if you’re gonna see a movie based on a book, read the book first. It’s probably on Audible.

In this case, Catching Fire is on Audible, so audibletyleroakley, you get your first book free. Bam, there’s your hookup! No excuses. Shaina wants to know, What do you think about ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ movie that’s coming out in 2014 My body is ready. I adore John Green. I recommended that book the day it came out. I made a tutorial about it way back in the day. And then, I just have loved it ever since. It’s one of those books that I’m always like, Have you read this.

Go read it. The movie, I think is going to be fantastic. Even though John Green does not necessarily have a huge hand in the production of the movie, I think he would not have picked anybody that he didn’t trust. So, I trust him to make the best decisions possible with his baby. That is his baby! He wouldn’t have done anything that he didn’t believe in, and I feel like the book is going to be done justice. Audrey wants to know, What is a word to describe your fans.

Imma probably have to say sings word, incredible. bell rings In italics bell rings, they would have to be in italics. If you had a beard, what would it look like Maybe 5′ 6 , brown hair, cute face, nice boobs, yeah. I dare you to try to say this word in some other language! Do it hottie! Okay, says I love meatballs in Swedish. Nailed it! Louie wants to know Where did you get that Tumblr snapback from So, if you ever see me wearing a snapback, it is most likely this hat.

I got it from Tumblr headquarters. I went and visited the Tumblr headquarters. And honestly, it was really cool because I adore Tumblr. I spend every single day on Tumblr. I am updating my Tumblr every single moment. And so, to be invited to come into the office and meet the founder, was just incredible. He was so nice. And claps to be given that hat, I mean, it is my goto hat nowadays. Kayleigh wants to know, How did you feel about ‘playing’ Gaga for Rewind 2013 It was epic.

I didn’t even know what I was gonna do when I went in that day to the shoot. It was huge! Every YouTuber was there, and I show up not knowing what I was gonna do. And I was so nervous, and they were like, How do you feel about playing Lady Gaga And I was like, My queen! And they were like, We knew you would say that. Let’s put you in a unitard. The makeup was out of control. If you haven’t seen that, the link is below, but I feel like everybody has seen that by now.

It was so fun. Maya says, Is Bill Gates your grandpa or something Or is this your future self If it’s my future self, mama is rich, and I’m okay with that! If looks have anything to do with monetary income, I will take it! Tiffany says, What is the hardest thing you’ve ever experienced Well, Tiffany, it was probably your dad last night. Roane says, Ring your mom and say a nude of yours has leaked online. chuckles I mean, it’s kind of like a why not. phone rings This is Jackie.

Hey. Hey. I just need your advice. Will you not judge me I’m not judging. Okay, I’m just gonna say it. There were pictures of me that are spreading right now, and they’re a little bit compromising, and I don’t know what to do. Can you do anything I don’t think so. And I feel like you’re gonna see them, and the whole family is going to see them. I’m not on Tumblr. Do you feel like it’s gonna affect my career.

Probably not. Are you disappointed in me No! I could care less what you do in private! But I think what you need to do is put a statement out there and say that you’re highly disappointed in the fact that these are being made public. You apologize if you offended anybody. That was not your intention. That these were done in private, and somebody betrayed your trust. Okay, well, can I tell you something What I just betrayed your trust ’cause I was just jokin’.

Laughs You are such an asshole. laughs loudly I’m filming a tutorial. It was a dare. It said, Call your mom and tell her your nudes leaked. Anything you want to say to my people I hate you. laughs loudly Okay, later. Love ya, bye! Bye, honey. Y’all are gonna give my mom a heart attack. I swear to god. laughs She has never been that quiet on the phone. Renae wants to know, If you were a potato, what would you want to be when you grow up.

I’m thinking a curly fry from Arby’s. tillyoakley wants to know, Do you think you’ve grown from any mistakes you’ve made in the past Well, I would say, yes. Hopefully, of course. I think the most defining thing in your life is not that you’ve fallen, but how you’ve gotten back up. And I have made mistakes just like you have made mistakes. And my heroes have made mistakes. And my enemies have made mistakes. We’ve all made mistakes, but I think the most defining thing is how you learn from it, how you grow from it,.

And how you try to use your platform to help others learn to not make the same mistakes. So, I am 100 trying to share my life. And if that didn’t include the negatives, then I would not be giving you an honest representation of the things that are happening to me. And I have been open and honest with you guys for six years. An example, I think would be, I recently made a blog post about privilege. And I felt like it was really important for me to just talk about it with you guys.

If you want to read that blog post, it’s below. I feel like the most important thing is knowing that I am not perfect and neither are you or neither is your hero and neither is your enemy. Without your guys’ support and love when I am fucking up, I don’t laughs know what I would do, so thank you for encouraging me to grow and be a better person. But that is all I have for you guys this week. I hope you have a fabulous week. I have a very fun tutorial coming on Friday.

With a special guest for the holiday season! If you wanna see that, if you’re ready for that, subscribe. And push the like button on this tutorial if you liked this tutorial. I am really enjoying doing Q A tutorials with you guys. I feel like it gets you guys involved. It lets me answer questions that I would never make a whole tutorial about. And it’s just really fun for me. So, thank you for being a part of it. And like I said, I have very fun tutorials planned.

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