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No Custody Order Parental Kidnapping California

You’re a parent who’s just been contacted by Child Protective Services worker and has to do what’s called a voluntary plan. What does that mean My name is Ryan McGlinn. I’m a criminal defense attorney in San Diego, California who practices juvenile law. A voluntary plan is essentially an offer from Child Protective Services for a family to participate in voluntary services in lieu of having the case go to court. Sometimes these types of services can be negotiated, however, most times services normally require that a parent attend counseling that a parent attends some type of domestic violence class, that a parent remove themselves.

From the home for a period of time, could be 30 days, could be several months. These are the types of services that are required in a voluntary plan. Normally, these voluntary plans can last for up to 6 months. They are reviewed outside of court, with a social worker, and if all parties are compliant over that 6 month period of time, the case usually ends right there and it does not go to court. However, if there are still issues that need to be resolved after a 6 month period of time, oftentimes these voluntary plans can be extended for.

12 months. It’s very important that families understand that when an offer for a voluntary plan is made that needs to be considered significantly. This is an option to not have the case go to court and it’s important that you contact in any experienced attorney to discuss with you the pros and cons of going down a voluntary plan route. These plans require that you do services services that I’ve already discussed and there has to be no violations during the period of time which this is going on. If there are violations, the Child Protective.

What is A Voluntary Plan CPS Asked My Family to Follow One California Attorney Ryan McGlinn

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