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Parent Breaks Custody Agreement

Welcome back to the david fashion show makeshift did not get signed up for david package of membership but it david kaplan dot com slash membership you’ll get the entire show commercial three you’ll get the bonus show which the bonus show is almost like another entire half shell for every show we do you do is so much more going on than just was in the main hour of programming and its uncensored it is uncensored and i can get a little bit ranchi sometimes ann lewis uh. well as.

We know from the crappy tele pix fears sometimes sure doesn’t even stay on which is bizarre to most people but again of course exciting to some ladies handsome and i think it’s fair to say nothing you can see that in the bonus share because it’s just audio the bonus so soon going to be at was well did you know about the loose that’s you get and of course also an archive of our six years of programming here’s a question for you to mall over louis would marijuana possession.

App by a parent to be enough to warrant child neglect and therefore may be the taking away of that child from the parent you say no that nypd may not charge you for having small amounts of marijuana but the city’s child welfare agency is actually taking a harder line and hundreds of new yorkers who have been caught with small amounts of marijuana or maybe have just admitted to using it had been charged with child neglect and in some cases have actually had their children taken away one man.

Parents Have Marijuana, Kids Taken Away.You Agree

Had his one year old daughter taken away after he was found with a five dollar bag of marijuana and another parent was charged with the black after police found an amount of marijuana to small even to warrant a misdemeanor charge what do you think absolutely crazy you think it doesn’t make sense not at all of course we’ve talked a lot about this and i i think it should be legal in every state are completely decriminalize uh. why would i think that chosen to be taken away because of it will only let.

Me go down a different path would be on this if you had a child ido it’s a bizarre thing to think about that i know many women are very excited by that possibility but look for you right now it’s it’s kind of a faroff thing to think about right if your child would you be ok if he were bringing the child some some place to be babysat for a few hours and he knew that person with smoking weed wild wild the child is there would you be okay with that.

Uh. while the child was there are no you wouldn’t be okay with that okay so then why would it be ok test for someone to be smoking weed wild their own child is their well that’s not what was going on here they said it was just covered on them ok button some of these cases presumably that was used as going on at some point when their kid was there i mean if your kids asleep and you want to talk a drawing whatever i don’t see the difference between that.

And people out there who would trigger thirty pack africa ghostly but with your kid if it was your kid being there and the kid was awake is saying you wouldn’t want that i prefer it that if someone were actively watching children yeah that baby sober but so you’re saying if the kids of sleep then it’s okay that doesn’t make sense because i wake up sick any second and you’ll be able you and if you’re not completely i mean it’s a big with our calls the exact same thing.

What do you think that song dave let me ask you this uh. is it okay for a kid let’s say your kid oblivion in the same room is to if you’re the only if you’re in the house of your kid by yourself okay and you’re drinking a beer check for two beers okay endured kate is in the room it how is that different for you or is that the same i’m kind of point devil’s advocate here i don’t know if it is different if i have to come up with an argument i would say well.

Their are amounts of alcohol in moderation which which would have on it can we say no effect on your ability to care for children i don’t know the are going to be made any amount of alcohol well but then what about the set i don’t know how far down that road we want to go the same thing applies to marijuana belief i think someone argue differently animate we’re getting down a path where okay what about carol is any amount of heroin found on a person make them an unfit parent.

How far down the road to we want to go we’re going one direction with alcohol we’re going the other direction with heroin i think well what i would argue is that the very fact that you’re putting marijuana and heroin or cocaine in the same conversation is because society has created this story about about drugs that you know alcohol and cigarettes nicotine is okay marijuana is a drug it’s an illegal drug and we should compare to the another drug more we’re going to cut in other words the spectrum we brought up alcohol.

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