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Parental Alienation Syndrome Court Referred Custody Cases

Hi I’m, Chris Hildebrand of Hildebrand Law. I am a Arizona family law attorney. I have been practicing family law in the state of Arizona for over 20 years. How do I stop a legal separation That is a question I sometimes hear from my own clients and potential clients. The simple answer is that if both parties agree to stop the legal separation case. They simply submit an agreement, we refer to it as a stipulation. Both parties sign it and submit it to the court. The court will sign an order dismissing the case. However,.

If both parties do not agree then the legal separation case will not be dismissed. However,you may file petition for conciliation services counseling as marital counseling. The court will state a proceeding or at least halt the case from proceeding. The court will not dismiss it, until both parties can go through marital counseling to reconcile their issues in their marriage. If you have any other issues regarding how to stop a legal separation case from proceeding, please feel free to contact me at Chrishildebrandlaw, and thank you for watching our tutorial.

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