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Parental Rights Being Terminated

What happens to your kids if your parental rights are terminated through the juvenile dependency court system My name is Ryan McGlinn. I’m a criminal defense attorney in San Diego, California who practices juvenile law. There are 3 main options where your kids can go if your parental rights are terminated. The first option is adoption. Your child can be adopted by a foster care provider or a relative. The second option is guardianship. Potentially a relative or an aunt or uncle or some extended relative can petition for longterm guardianship.

Of your children over a period of time, in order to enable you to resolve whatever issues have placed you in the juvenile dependency system. In order to enable you to get your life back on track so that you can get your kids back in the future. The last option is the kids remain in longterm foster care. This is situation where for some reason your kid cannot be adopted, it’s not suitable for adoption or else there is no relative that can take that child. Or if guardianship is not a viable option. Longterm foster care.

Means that the child will essentially be placed in a state facility or a county facility, I should say for an extended period of time in order for them to go to school, in order for them to obtain the proper health care, and so forth. You never want to be put in this situation but if you are, pick up the phone and call me. I handle these types of cases every day. My phone number is 6192915115. My name is Ryan McGlinn. Thank you for joining me.

What Happens to Your Kids if Your Parental Rights are Terminated California Attorney Ryan McGlinn

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