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Parental Rights Convicted Felon

Back in 2009 17yearold Jamie mole and as raped a 14yearold unnamed victim and as a result he received sixteen years of probation well unfortunately the 14yearold victim in this case got pregnant so with the rate this child she decided to give birth add to the rapists child and she had a daughter now unfortunately Millen does uh is trying to get parental custody I love the little girl which means that this rape victim has to deal with him now this is a big problem in many states in the country in fact parental rate this can sue for custody.

In 31 States and the question is should even be allowed to do that and doesn’t make sense for a convicted rapist you have anything to do with a child me okay this is the biggest non question in American history except apparently were on the losing side in thirtyone states and a majority the state’s which is mental right look there’s a conviction is so this not a question made it was a fortyyearold in this case who was raped you gonna let the Reapers I well it’s a son yeah it’s or son or daughter.

Circuit circuit in this case because he raped her golf course the UPSC your kid sometimes ok for tiny infractions sure you know you’re not a responsible parent well you smoke pot that’s it you lose your rights era I raping the mother is a pretty good reason to lose your parental rights I definitely agree with you on that now at the same time he does pay child support a little over one hundred dollars per week and so his argument as well if I’m paid to take care of this child I should at.

Convicted Rapist Seeks Custody Of Victims Child

Least have visitation rights I should have some custody of the child but even then I disagree I think that your danger is that I don’t think the usual anything to do with children sorry you rape someone was 14 years old I are you in at all look I don’t know the details in that case but there’s a conviction right and so was there’s a conviction its over you don’t get the same Armando I can’t believe it’s cost me 100 bucks a a week or month well if you didn’t want to go see a hundred bucks.

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