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Petition For Custody And Parenting Time Oregon

If you are filing for divorce in Arizona, the first step is to file a Petition for Dissolution. There are differences in the type of petition you file, based upon the criteria of your case, whether you have an Arizona Covenant Marriage or NonCovenant Marriage. The allegations in the petition for each type of marriage vary based upon the criteria in the Arizona Revised Statutes. Also, the petition varies whether you have children or do not have children. If you have children, the court will also make orders regarding custody, parenting time and child support.

The petition must allege the proper criteria for the court to make a custody determination, as well as the elements for an award of spousal maintenance, also commonly known as alimony. Our paralegals can assist you with the preparation of your divorce documents from the beginning to the time of the entry of your Decree of Dissolution, even if your divorce is contested. If your divorce is uncontested, we can help you prepare a Consent Decree memorializing your agreement and you will not have to go to court. We submit the paperwork to the court, and the judge will review it without a hearing!.

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