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Petition For Custody Maryland

How do you actually go about getting evidence Admitted in your maryland civil trial hello i Am marcus boston and i am a medical malpractice Attorney practicing law here in the state of Maryland and i would like to talk to you Today about a very important concept in Trials and that is how do you go about Getting your evidence admitted for the trier Of fact now it doesnt matter if the trier Of fact is a jury in a jury trial or if The judge is going to decide the facts in.

A bench trial getting your evidence admitted Is very important to the outcome of the case Before i go in deeper on this i want to make Sure you understand that attorneys may do This differently there is really no uniform Way as to magic words that have to be used But some of the concepts and some of the Things that i will be talking about today Is consistent from attorney to attorney SO for the purpose of this example i am Going to use a picture because a picture.

Can give you a better understand as to this Process and i am going to talk to you about The basics of how you can go ahead and get A picture admitted into evidence when you Get into the courtroom the first thing that You are going to want to do is get that Picture premarked now either the clerk is Going to do it or you might have to do it Yourself its just going to vary from courtroom To courtroom after you have went ahead and Premarked the picture what you are then going.

Maryland Medical Malpractice Attorney Marcus Boston Talks About Admitting Evidence In Trial

To do is asked the court if you can have Permission to approach the witness and after The court gives you permission you are going To walk up to the witness stand and you are Going to show the witness the picture now When you go up to the witness it may be a Good idea to say something like this let the Record reflect that i am showing the witness What has been premarked for identification Purposes as plaintiffs one and at that Particular point you can give the witness the.

Picture then you can ask the witness witness WHat is this that i am showing you your Witness should then say well this is a picture And then your next question can be well what Is this a picture of well this looks to be A picture of the crash scene the day i was hit In my car and then you can follow up with that Witness you can ask the witness something like This well witness does this accurately depict The scene that day and your witness should Say well yes it does it looks just how it looks.

When my car was hit and you can ask a follow Up question if you want to which is what i Think is a good idea you can then ask the Witness well mr witness will this picture help Aid in your testimony today in explaining to The jury what happened and the witness should Say this would help me describe what happened To me that day then you can ask the court Your honor i move what was marked for Identification purposes as plaintiffs one Be now admitted into evidence as plaintiffs.

Exhibit one and at this particular time if The defense has any objection to this Particular exhibit coming into evidence then Then the defense can make their objection at That particular point now i realize that this Was a lot that i was talking about and i realize That you probably have more questions about This process or you could just be watching This tutorial because you are trying to figure Out are you the victim of medical malpractice And if you are the victim of medical malpractice What will the process be like for you here.

In maryland Well if you have these questions And concerns and your matter happened here in Maryland this is what i invite you to do go Ahead and pick up the phone and give me a call I can be reached at 3018504832 or if you Prefer you can send me an email to Medicalinjurybostonlawllc we answer medical Malpractice questions like yours all of the time and we would be glad to listen to your story well guys thats it for todays quick educational tutorial again i am marcus boston and i.

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