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Shared Custody Laws Nsw

Today the NSW Police Force announces the renaming of one of their investigative units within the State Crime Command formally known as JIRT, the unit will now be called and named the Child Abuse Squad to more appropriately reflect the type of work they do the nature of work they do on a daily basis As we all know child abuse is a horrific crime that everyone within this community would desire to see eradicated We conduct over four and a half thousand investigations per year in relation to child abuse and when you break that down.

Thats ten to fifteen offenses per day committed in NSW most normally by people who are close to the family, or within the family, or close to the family unit We think that this focus is that the renaming of the squad will give community focus we will continue to engage with our partner agencies of NSW Health and family and community services The priority being the protection and welfare of children However we believe today that the renaming of this squad gives the unit appropriate focus and community standing path to appropriately reflect the crimes, the horrific.

Crimes that they are expected to investigate We think the time is right now to not only rename it, to give some comfort to the police who obviously have to face horrific challenges everyday in their investigations but also to give community focus to this group and to the type of crime itself to try and report behaviour and suspicious behaviour in relation children As I said we investigate four and a half thousand contact offenses per year, at the moment When you break that down that is ten to fifteen per day in NSW, everyday.

Community urged to play its part in addressing child abuse

Most of those ninetyfive percent of those in fact are either the victim is known to the offender its only five percent when you talk about child abuse you think of the stranger dangers and everything else which is obviously very important Its the things that happen in the family home, that within family units that are also of the major concern to us and that’s a lot of the stuff that unfortunately gets reported to us until it’s too late I’ve been working in the area of child abuse investigation on and off for thirty.

Thirty years, in my career Whilst the nature of technology may change, internet and so on Certainly the type of events is against children and the impact on children has remained constant throughout those years There is no doubt that children who are sexually abused suffer with some form of trauma or are affected in some way for the rest of their lives The Child Abuse Squad investigates any allegations of sexual assault, neglect or violent offense committed on a person under sixteen years of age across the state of NSW We are located in twentytwo separate.

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