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Single Dad Getting Custody

MUSIC PLAYING There are single dads all over the place. But full custody single dads, you don’t see a lot of them. I think, huh, OK. Want to know that story. My name is Ian. I’m a single father to Lana. My goal, like most folks who have a relationship or have a child, is you want the family to stay together. Unfortunately, that wasn’t possible. I didn’t seek full custody. But when it happened, you just do a gut check. Saddle up. I’m all in. She had just turned three.

This was the day that my life changed significantly. Daddy. Daddy. Daddy. Daddy. But after a while, your life becomes your life. And what may be abnormal for some folks is your normalcy. Where do you want to ride your bike Tar pits. Where Tar pits. I don’t know if we’ll get all the way there today. All the way. I’m bringing you another napkin. One interesting aspect to being a single father of a daughter at this age is playdates are really difficult. Moms are not likely to give their daughters over.

To a guy they don’t know that well. And the other interesting thing when it comes to playdates, I identify much more with, nine times out of 10, as the mom. And my experiences, come to find out, are much more similar to what moms go through. Want me to do the other one first No. See What I’ve already got it in. Oh, OK. As a working single dad, I have two advantages that not a lot of single parents have. I have the ability to afford a nanny, which is a lifesaver.

What Its Like to be a Single Dad with Full Custody

And I have an understanding boss. Simply put, without that, it just wouldn’t happen. I work in television, so sometimes I work till 400 in the morning. So if I work late or work overnight, it doesn’t matter how late or how long, I take her to school. If I say I’m going to do something, no matter how ridiculous it is, or difficult, or whatever, I do it. That’s just nonnegotiable. You are so happy. There’s three things that happen every day, regardless. When she wakes up, she gives me a hug.

And then the day’s off to good start. At night when she gets back here, we eat something together. And I pat her back to go to sleep. Daddy will love you always and forever. I would not think I would be one to create a girly girl. But I have a girly girl. She enjoys shopping. She enjoys nails. She enjoys hair. That was a learning curve. I have a picture of the first time I ever did her hair. I was so proud. And it looks so raggedy. And then, it became something I like to do.

It hurts. I know, little tenderhead. I have one priority is to create a little girl who becomes a teenager who becomes a woman who has a strong sense of self. That’s it. She’s got a bond with her mom that nothing will ever break up. And it’s one of those things that we constantly deal with, and we’ll continue to have to constantly deal with. My dad once gave me some advice. Something had not gone my way. And he looked at me and said, life’s messy, kiddo. Deal with it.

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