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You can also support by shopping SmartBrownGirl or grabbing your copy of Jouelzy’s 4C Natural Hair Guide EBook andor her first published work Send It On, a collection of short stories. Thank you SmartBrownGirls. Hey guys! It’s Jouelzy and I’m currently basking in the sunshine of LA and the gloriousness that is the YouTubeBlack event. But it’s time to talk about an important topic. I’m on a mission this year to address more hard hitting and complex conversations. So today I’m approaching a topic I said that I previously said I was not going to be speaking on.

Out of respect to the community. and allowing them to control their own narrative. But with the current state of the United States it is imperative that we address this discussion with my crew of SmartBrownGirls and I am not alone So yes, we are gonna talk about transgender. bathrooms. and women’s rights. And I have here, Kat Blaque! Kat Hey! Jouelzy The leading voice for trans women of color on YouTube. Here’s whats happening in the United States. Kat North Carolina recently passed an Act, where in schools and government buildings.

Transgender, Womens Rights Public Bathrooms w KatBlaque

You must use the bathroom that corresponds with your biological sex or the sex that’s listed on your birth certificate. Jouelzy So this essentially means that in the state of North Carolina it is illegal for trans people to use to the bathroom. And then last year in Houston, Texas they recently repealed the civil rights bill, the HERO Ordinance. Kat HERO standing for the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance Jouelzy Right and they ran heavy propaganda on urban radio, warning people of the violation of women’s rights by against men into their bathroom.

Houston, where Ted Cruz is from. Ted Cruz who is a Texas State Senator currently running for United States president. and who has spent the bulk of his political career advocating for the closure of Planned Parenthood and attempting to overturn the Supreme Court ruling for Roe vs. Wade. Yes a federal law that has been on the books for FORTY THREE years, making abortions LEGAL in the United States. Kat So we restrict women’s rights in one breadth Jouelzy Because whether you believe that abortion is a sin, or that you prefer a private care gynecologist,.

You do not have the right to restrict other womens bodies based on your personal religious beliefs. So whether it’s a poor woman who needs preventive women’s health services of Planned Parenthood provides or a women, who for whatever reason has decided that abortion is the best choice for her. Kat she has that right to exercise autonomy over her body and make a decision that will ultimately impact her body and her body alone. Jouelzy These are the women’s right that conservatives have put great effort into diminishing while using the.

Christian morality of Black people to play themselves against their own rights and the rights of transgender people. Kat Let’s break it down Jouelzy down, down There are a lot of issues that we have with the way this conversations is framed. Kat First of all inherent in all of these conversations is the idea the trans women are inherently predatory. Which is to statistically unproven because you’re more likely to be assaulted as a trans person in the restroom. Then you are a cisperson by a transperson. There are far more examples of.

Violence against trans women in the bathroom than any other people. A trans woman was recently assaulted in New York City while using a single person bathroom at the historic Stonewall Inn. And this is an aspect of the conversation that really bothers me. As a survivor of both rape and sexual assualt, I know that if a man wants something he is going to take it. It’s not realistic to believe that a man is going to put on a dress, to go into the woman’s restroom and sexually assault a woman and then.

Upon capture, say Well, I’m transgender. As though that is going to be a defense against him and his actions. And let’s say that that does happen. in this scenario the people that are guilty are cis men not transwomen. I’ve been using the women’s restroom, for about a decade. I’ve used it in Texas! This conversation is framed as way more controversial than it actually is. Personally when I’m using the restroom, I’m not thinking about anybody’s genitalia. I’m just trying to do my business and leave. I find these debates laughable.

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