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Surrogate Mother Birth Rights

0004 COMM Meet Tara Sawyer, the mum who’s addicted to having babies. 0009 Tara As soon as we got the first pregnancy test that came through positive, I knew I was hooked. 0013 COMM The 37yearold has had four children of her own, but she didn’t want to stop there. 0020 COMM Now Tara is a surrogate mum and said she’ll have babies until her body can’t take it anymore. 0025 Tara I don’t think I’m going to stop being a surrogate for a long time. I think it’s something that I’ve now got attached to.

0034 COMM Today, Tara, from Cambridgeshire, has had three babies for couples who have been unable to conceive. 0041 COMM As a surrogate, she can’t be paid, but Tara, who was adopted as a child, is simply doing it to help those who haven’t been as lucky as her. 0051 Tara I’ve just always loved having the big belly and having people queuing over the precious little gift inside and being really, really healthy. 0100 COMM And she says her body has never been in such good shape. 0104 Tara The pregnancy to me is the healthiest.

Part of my life. You get nine months where you’re committed to being healthy. 0111 Tara My body is better now than it was when I was in my late twenties. 0116 COMM Tara has the full support of her family, including husband, Matt. 0120 Matt It’s made us stronger as a couple, Tara herself is adopted and we talked about it a lot and she just said that she’d like to give something back to the parents that can’t have children like her mum and dad couldn’t have children. 0132 Matt I’m behind her 100 percent on that.

Surrogate Mother Is Addicted To Having Babies

0134 COMM When the nine months is up, Tara says she has no problem parting with the baby. 0140 Tara I wouldn’t see this as ever handing a baby over, this is handing a baby back. 0145 Tara I’ve babysat that baby for nine months and it’s the best part. 0149 COMM Today, only four months after giving birth, she’s already talking about the next pregnancy. 0156 Tara I want to help so many people so It’s something that I’m going to carry on doing for as long as I can.

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