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Typical Attorney Fees For Child Custody

Discover LegalPapers. Professional legal documents for your legal matter. If you are filing for divorce in Arizona, you may be concerned about how to get through this emotional and financially difficult time. The court process can seem overwhelming, and you don’t want to spend all of your community assets in costly legal fees. Let us help you. Our experienced paralegals have been working in the legal field since 1988. We are certified by the Arizona Supreme Court to prepare legal documents for a variety of Arizona legal matters such as Divorce, Legal Separation, Annulment, Paternity, Marital Separation or Settlement Agreements.

As well as handle the legal paperwork for child custody, spousal maintenance, parenting time, property and debt distribution, QDRO’s to split retirement accounts, and other family law matters. If your divorce is uncontested, we can help you prepare a Consent Decree memorializing your agreement and you will not have to go to court. We submit the paperwork to the court, and the judge will review it without a hearing! Divorce is a difficult time for many people. While it offers a needed change for many people, it also brings about strains.

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