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Unmarried Women’s Custody Rights

A few weeks ago we did a story on the program about a a girl who was 18 years old living in California at the time that she was raped and the story was that her boyfriend had left a dark room when another man took notice if this entered the room and forcibly had sex with this woman raped this 18yearold woman the victim believed that the man was actually the boyfriend who had recently departed the room until some sunlight shined on the intruders face at which point she began to scream resist realizing that she was being.

Raped now this happen in los angeles county and there’s this legal loophole that exists where uh dating back to a law in the eighteen seventies if an attacker impersonates a woman’s husband to have sex with her it is considered rape but if the woman is not married and then its if it’s the same situation with an unmarried woman where she mistakenly believes her rapist is actually in this case her boyfriend rather than her husband the man cannot be charged with rape now the judges in the case realized that this was an.

Outdated law that made absolutely no sense today but said based on the way the law’s written in the fact that it has not been changed or repealed we simply cannot rule any other way but to say this man is not guilty of rape Louis you remember this story how could I forget yeah of course so we finally now have news that California Governor Jerry Brown has signed legislation just yesterday that closes this loophole regarding rape in california and it now makes an aggressor who impersonate someone else.

Law Allowing Rape of Unmarried Women Changed

In order to force a victim into having sex with them still is guilty a break regardless of whether that woman is married or not this is very very good news we have a quote from I we have quotes from a number of different people now here’s the incredible thing Lewis Assemblymember catch show hagn from San Louis Obispo has been working on on a bill to close this loophole since 2011 and it was stalled in a public safety committee in the senate 143 years it took to fix this law.

And part of that delay at least most recently it was stalled in the Senate in in this committee I i understand there are also too bureaucratic issues this was a high priority to resolve I think so yes it’s definitely about time and unfortunately who knows how many cases there were where this loophole where people get away wine one is way too many yeah not only that there’s actually this is an example have so many laws we’ve talked on this show a lot about how laws related to.

Internet related stuff often are written by people who don’t understand ur really use the internet and they’re not written taking into consideration how the internet is actually used today that expands beyond just the internet there aren’t many laws in in I would assume in all states but certainly in many states that are old laws not often applied or used to make a legal decisions and as such there completely out of place completely outdated but at the same time the few times that that law is called into question or becomes the center of the case.

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