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Virginia Divorce And Child Custody Laws

Here at Garrett Law Group we most certainly are specialists on military divorce. JD was in the military, I was a military spouse, so I’m very aware of the difficulties that the military in and of itself presents on a family and the intricacies of a divorce associated with the military. If it’s about child custody or visitation my priority is always the children, whether that be custody, visitation, child support. People come in and they argue over houses, dogs, dvds, but when children are the issue that’s going to my greatest priority to.

Make sure that the children are taken care of and that their custody or visitation situation is in their best interest. Someone should hire me because they’re going to deal with me. They are not going to deal with my paralegal or my staff. you’ll come in and see me and you know pretty much tell me the most important details of your life. I’m going to know that and understand what it is that you need and be able to apply you know the legal knowlege necessary to get you your results.

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