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Visitation Bill

This is happening all over the country all over the country! Where a stepdad or stepmom will do this to the person’s kids. And it happens legally and the police and the APS Adult Protective Services do nothing about it usually. If this is happening to you if you are being isolated from a loved one please write me! Go to Share Your Story at KasemCares KasemCares Also, even if you believe this bill should pass in every state and there should be more protection against elder abuse.

I have something on KasemCares it’s a PLEDGE to Stop Elder Abuse! It takes you 30 seconds. the more people we get to sign the pledge. by just putting your name and address on there saying I believe elder abuse should be stopped in this country. I then take that pledge and I take the letters and I go to all the Senators and the Assemblymen, and the State Representatives and I put the letters on the desk with the pledge and if they say we don’t need this bill.

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