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Visitation Lawyer

After the tiny into bob dole out personality in the shana pre way who is a lawyer i wrote this plot for cnn dot com in in the blog she talks about our own personal experience with right uh. after she was raped she did become pregnant and she had decided to have the baby and she had a little girl that she logs is happy with her decision but even though she made that decision she has to deal with consequences if people don’t really think about and not consequences that.

The father of the child wants to have custody you know we honestly i did forget panel was blown away by so article and by the concept so and you know as she points out an article thirtyone us states allow a man who fathered through rape to get custody of his case right so that show kanu uh. an issue an unexplained this puts and extra conundrum among women because then their those guys have leverage and they get into a situation where they say well you could testify against him.

But then i will would want visitation rights or maybe i dropped a visitation rights request if you don’t have so far power how does that stresses that under what muncy could be states possibly give visitation rights for the fathers who got the kids through rain i mean you are not a bad parent my god i can’t recall what would you do anything slightly wrong and i think it is a way you’re telling me and i know that’s an exaggeration but you know what’s really trying to find some way press them make their mom.

Rapists Get Custody, Visitation Rights

Okay so this is missus knots and nonetheless the reform say no no it’s ok so cadre person but apparently thirty percent women choose to have the kid anyway which on blown away by can’t believe that that is an incredible statistic tunes different studies indicate that thirty percent of women decide to have the baby even if they were great but now it is very short standing up my insurance they wanna make that i understand that right but for that republicans they think no we don’t want you to have that choice a person an.

Amendment for example and another two thousand nine uh. acted by the way paul ryan and eighteen cosponsored would say that even in a case of rape and incest in fact the gop platform the dangerous path two days ago says the un a case of rape and incest it doesn’t matter you loss happy kid that two thousand nine act makes it criminal if you have an abortion even if you are right the so that they know what a mess the you get raped you have to have the rapist said.

And then if you don’t they put new wordpress but if you do have the kid then you’re tethered the rapist for eighteen years you’ve got a cm over and over again as it is visitation rights if anyone different states for your kid it’s mindboggling how can anybody both of these people i know at look as i read this story of her as an actually you know wait out the facts iced xrated asked why this happens like why is it that we have these laws that protect the.

Rapist as opposed to those who have been right threat why would you give these men visitation rights and i think it comes to argument that a lot of you know hateful people liked i can say about legitimate rate maybe these guys out there think wealth you know we don’t know if she was legitimately rapes so why are we going to take this man child away from him bingo anything sebab perspective to date always look at it from a male perspective and a very calm and i wouldn’t want my child taken away and.

Look and other state rate is what madeleine panel will be the guide with a quote all the time we have these crazy rape ideas abortion ideas for the first place places obviously marital rape is in town he says that in his book so but you know and what they always say when they say america roe versus wade to and how could be talked about it when he had agent on this program just another day saying that you know these women they offer a lot and so they could be lying and then you take away the poor fathers his patients.

But look this is not a thing you’d idbi proving the court of law you know just said oh yeah i think that guy who did something wrong on on twenty investigation rights though is proven accord a while imperial if the jury of your peers and charges that are at center but it’s because they don’t care and out they don’t they are care and also you have to keep in mind first of all allot of great is unreported in the us and i know weitzman reported it’s because it’s tremendously difficult to prove that.

You’ve been raped okay because of course to you and that man has to be guilty beyond a reasonable doubt and it’s difficult when it’s a game of he said she said so even if she said no even if there was afb you know for physical altercation with she tried to push him off improve that that’s a very difficult thing to prove so these guys get to continue making these ridiculous arguments about legitimate rape where and then at the same time women will get raped in guys get away with it.

Because they know they can get away with it looks every seven percent country thinks that abortion should be believed some believe additionally your honor all circumstances but great majority finishing the legal under most circumstances you noted anybody hannah says beyond twenty weeks you think that it should not be legal now most people things beyond twenty four weeks it’s our lead others arias was seventy seven percent of us degraded it should not be illegal right in all sorts of only seventeen percent say illegal under all circumstances yet but those guys are somehow incharge.

Now look i was sure you charter graphic file these are the long’s that work past to restrict abortion rights uh. since nineteen ninety five the have added up to seven hundred and keen different laws passable most all by republicans to take away your rights in all the different states since nineteen ninetyfive and you see a big jump to in twenty ten that’s when even the more radical right wing republicans take over it’s happening all across the country they’re taking away our rights and what times you don’t realize it until you get run into a situation like this woman did.

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