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Visitation Of The Blessed Virgin Mary

The Holy Tales yes yes I will but I will ask a question at the end of the story and if you answer correctly I will sing along with you all right then children gather around the story I’m about to tell you today is how Mary is chosen by God a long time ago God sent Gabriel to Nazareth a small town in galilee there he came before a young woman called Mary. Mary was soon to be the wife of Joseph a carpenter who was related to the family of King David. Gabriel said.

Be happy Mary because God is with you You are the most blessed of all women mary was not able to understand the meaning of the strange message she asked what are you saying and why have you come to me Gabriel said Don’t be scared Mary God really loves you. You will have a son Mary and you must call him Jesus He will be a great soul, the Son of God He will rule forever over the people of God Mary thought How can this be possible I am still a young girl and not even married.

How can I have a child The angel said The Holy Spirit will come to you and God’s power will cover you The Holy Child will be called, The Son of God your Aunt Elizabeth will also have a son even though she is old now anything can happen if you really believe in God Mary got down before the angel’s knees and out her head down, she said I am God’s loyal servant and I will do whatever he asked me to do and Mary looked up the angel was already gone.

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