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Visitation Rights Michigan

Former university of michigan student christopher honor armstrong has been awarded four point five million dollars uh. after andrew should bow the former assistant attorney general of the michigan uh. stopped and and defamed him on his blog so this is a really fascinating story are christopher armstrong is a gay student icy served on the student body and this really dumb assistant attorney general found out about it and he freaked out and started stocking right he’s like while he’s trying to spread this radical change and that we have to stop and he literally dedicated a blog.

To stopping him i don’t know what i did not even fat not pregnant by you know what it means it means is that a it totally does ok so into harassment got so bad that in twenty ten he got fired from his position as assistant attorney general and as i mentioned distant has now been awarded abhor point five million dollars because he has been add to favorites in these blog posts so now he this guy claim hey listen i’d had a first amendment right to cindy i want about the sky breakdown which is probably true as he found out.

That the report out million dollars and at with the way you get it’s ass for the kid fascinated a case that’s why you know we’re joking that he’s gay but you know he would be the degree that we have the first amendment right to call maybe we like right presumably through so but no get obsessed about some college students and stopped him then write blogs about him terribly terry milani years for being so gandhi he’ll show us your interested in that guy in a different way and it is.

Gay Student Stalked By Former MI Assistant AG

The weirdest thing in the world he would show up at this kids like public speaking and send it he was out with his family of from our would show up in just like you know take notes on what he was doing the right about it in his blog however here is that shut up and i know guys i know the way they’re mine works gay or straight right some news they had once they lose it may make a comeback and they get obsessed about something sexual but it’s almost always sexual mckay.

And so and then he just has to find an excuse he’s gotta find a way to live with him so this is an anti gay is all like so he said no no there’s a good reason why i’m paul newman look at it is after entire time there is a really there is a great deal they the fact that he is dead he had no idea what adam dot i didn’t want supplement them righttolife listen this guy has a former assistant attorney general how scary is it that the city clowns irvine physicians have.

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