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David packing dot com slash debate there’s a real i saw this headline rapist demands visitation rights to child he fathered and i had one reaction and then actually read the article and now i have a completely different reaction i’ll tell you what happened to us unidentified man pled guilty to statutory rape of a fourteenyearold girl back in two thousand nine daughter pregnant now he’s filing for visitation rights to see the toddler that was produced by the rape now the man was sentenced to sixteen years probation back in twenty eleven part of the.

Probation requires paint child support however if you pay child support you’re entitled to visit patience there’s a lot of questions here the men that the fourteenyearold girl at search and later had sex with her and got her pregnant however she was too young to legally consent to sex the victims mom said she decided to keep the baby now she has to have her baby over to a for a visit with her rapist that doesn’t make sense so the victims lawyer asked that the rapist pay restitution rather than child support.

Rapist Demands Visitation Rights to Child He Fathered

Which would not have this legal condition that it allows you to request visitation or or or even fight for custody financial reaction was this is outrageous however then i started thinking coalescing and this was statutory rape this was consentual i don’t know if we can call it a consensual relationship because the girl was not all the nafta give consent legally so i hesitate to say it was a consensual relationship but what we can say is this was not and act where the grow was trip into being around this man in a sexual way.

So uh. this this has to be different on some level than a thirty twoyearold uh. breaking into someone’s house and raping a fourteenyearold in getting her pregnant and then asking for visitation rights that being said i really don’t know how i feel about what is what is proper here yet i’m in no way saying that the law should be changed and that this should not be called rape uh. the statute of the law says it’s rape it’s rape whatever but i think uh. in a case like this he should definitely get visitation rights.

Because i mean the girl gave him consent uh. surge of course not legal consent is a legal term so should she didn’t resist the are not looking for moral standards unko lok willie she then send it in the sense that and then the fun with your thought on this yeah i agree with lou is that uh. even though it doesn’t follow the letter of the law you know morally it doesn’t really seem to make any sense that the girl consented and i think here in this room at least we would agree that even though.

The girl was an of legal age to concerned uh. she consented and the guy probably didn’t think that he was you know violating her in any way you know the problem with this discussion is it starts almost getting into the tide a connection was it legitimate rape or was it not right i mean that’s that’s that’s what we’re talking about here and we have a legal why i would like that term i don’t think so i don’t like that term uh. maybe he meant to say forceable rape.

But by means legitimate rate just isn’t doesn’t make sense if exit so how would have said this to go forward but i mean from the point of view of the law he both was convicted of statutory rape but at the same time legally is paying child support and can ask for visitation rights should it be up to the uh. the victim we’ve heard what the victims lawyer wants but what is the victim actually block we don’t really know how should this be the term uh. they claim that the family wants nothing to do with the guy put.

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