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Can A Custody Order Be Changed

Hi everyone my name is Trevor Osborn.I’m Utah Attorney working at Red law. How can you change your current custodyarrangement? We’re not talking about establishing an initial custodyarrangement. We’re saying that the court 1 year ago, 3 years ago, 5 years agohowever long ago the court entered a custody arrangementsaying that mother should have this type custody and the father should have this type of custody. Perhaps they did this as part of a divorce, or part of a petition forpaternity, a petition for custody

however it happened, the court already entered an order establishing which parent should have which type ofcustody. Now time has passed and you’re saying I want to change that order that thecourt initially entered. I want to change my current custody arrangement. How canyou do that? If you want to do that you, have to crosstwo hurdles. The first hurdle is: you have to show the court there has been a material and asubstantial change of circumstances in your case.

The second hurdle you have to cross isto show the court that because of this material and substantial change of circumstances it is in the best interests of thechildren that the custody arrangement be changed. Now let’s talk about this first hurdle:a material and substantial change of circumstances. We’re not just talking about some bigevent in a child’s life, or many events that amount to a big change in a child’s life. We’re talking about some

material and substantial change ofcircumstances that affects the custody arrangement between theparents and the children. We’re talking about a situation thataffects the parenting ability of the parents twoparent children. This might be one big incident or it might be theaccumulation of a lot of small things. So, I’ll give you afew examples of what a material and substantial changeof circumstances might look like. It could be a change in the child’s environment. That covers a lot of ground

but one of the things that might coveris if one of the child’s parents have been remarried. So, for example, ifcustody was entered in a divorce case, and now the two divorced parents are remarried,or one of the divorced parents is now remarried,now the child has this stepfather or stepmother and sometimesthat stepmother or stepfather has brought their own children into the marriage. Sonow the child has step brothers and step sisters

and the child is now having to navigate a very new situation in dealing withanother parent and new siblings. If one of the parentshas a new job or a new work schedule thatdrastically alters the schedule of the child. Has one of theparents moved to a new area? So now the child is having to go toa new school, find new friends, play on new sports teams, be in different extracurricularactivities, live in a new neighborhood,

How can I modify my Florida child custody order A Miami child custody lawyer answers

custody rights can be modified inflorida custody is actually referred to as timesharing in florida and what that means is the law looks at it in a way that examines what percentage of overnights or days peryear each parent shares time with the child that amount of time if you alreadyhave a timesharing or custody order in place

that time sharing order may be modifiedby court order by filing what’s called a supplemental petition for modificationof time sharing in order to modify time sharing orcustody in florida you must show that there has been a substantial change incircumstances which which means that you have to show that there has been some change thatwasn’t contemplated at the time of the first custody order being entered that now

um. warrants a change or modification of that time sharing and that the time sharing change thatyou’re asking for it is in the best interest of the child so yes time sharing can be modified it’s important that if there arecircumstances that ever risen that uh. place the child in danger or the welfareof the child in danger that you seek a modification immediately on an emergency basis uh.

and that you have the rightrepresentation to help you do that we at vari law can help assists you in determining whether or not you qualifyfor a modification whether or not you’re case qualifies for a modification and what factors way in your favor in amodification i’m nydia streets your child custodylawyer in downtown miami thank you for watching

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