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Child Custody Agreement Forms Free

(music playing) ??? The Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada and the William S. Boyd School of Law have partnered for more than 14 years offering free legal information classes to the public.

Our students, supervised by attorneys, teach classes on divorce, paternity, custody, guardianship, bankruptcy, small claims and foreclosure. Over the course of our partnership with the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada, more than 45,000 people have attended our free legal.

Education classes, learned important information on their particular legal disputes, and have gained an understanding of their rights under the law. We continually review and expand these programs to be responsive to changing needs in our community, and we are happy to provide them as a public service.

This tutorial is part of our effort in making legal information more easily accessible to the public. ??? Welcome to the tutorial segment on establishing a guardianship in the state of Nevada. My name is April Green, and I am an attorney.

At the legal aid center of southern nevada, which I will call LACSN from this point forward. This community legal education tutorial is sponsored by LACSN and the William S. Boyd School of Law. The information is only intended to give general legal information about court rules, procedures and Nevada law.

Nevada guardianship law can be found in chapter 159 of the Nevada Revised Statutes. The information given cannot take the place of a private attorney, however. You may contact the Legal Aid Center at 702.386.1070, extension 155, for an opportunity.

To sign up for a free 15minute consultation with a family law attorney to answer any questions you may have about your particular case. Before we begin, I would like to give you more general information about our program. The Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada,.

Along with the william s. boyd school of law, provides inperson legal education classes on the subject of guardianship once per week in LasVegas. You may call the Legal Aid Center at 702.386.1070 and follow the prompts regarding the classes and to obtain more information about the location,.

How to Get a Disclaimer Form Free Terms and Conditions for Online Business Free Net Law Forms

Every website needs privacy pages, legal pages, disclaimer pages. it’s a total snooze. but what if you could get it done easily quickly and, did I mention, free? Free else , check it out in this tutorial. This little tutorial is a tutorial on a particular sneaky trick that is helpful to SEO, therefore generating traffic to your website. Its about creating, what I call the SEO pages or SEO static pages for your site, which are these really boring pages that should live down the bottom of pretty much every site. So if you look down here.

At the bottom of my site, timlevy , youll see them: disclosure, disclaimer, Privacy, Terms and Conditions. Now these are the worlds most boring pages. Im just going to rightclick, open them in a new tab and just show you what were talking about here. I mean, boring, snooze. The trick is though, how do you write them in appropriate legal terminology that conforms to your business so its specific to your business but has all of the right words, where do you get them, and why would.

You bother. in terms of the why would you bother, im going to refer you to this book here called The Google Gamble; one of my books that really addresses Google and its whole deal. This is really just part of one of the steps of getting your website to what I call, foundational SEO or just kind of really the basics. One of the things Google looks for is those four pages. It also looks for things like a good contact page with a real address, it looks for an about you page, a home page, etc. All the basics that you could imagine,.

That are listed in the google gamble. so the question is where do you find all of these pages? This great site called Freenetlaw has already taken all of the pain out of this for you. Here it is, freenetlaw , and this website is great because for free, they will give you the legal notices for your website. There they are, and theyve been listed in Creative Commons, which means its fine for you to use them. So if I rightclick this one and open a new tab: Privacy, Terms and Conditions,.

Disclaimer, copyright; youve got all of these. i dont need a medical disclaimer, obviously, because Im not a , etc. So you might not choose all of them, but at least three or four. Over here, for example, the Privacy Statement, all you do is you click here to download it, and it shows up on your computer as a Word document. So lets open this one up. Theyre all going to be the same, by the way. Heres the one for Terms and Conditions, heres the one for Disclaimer, heres Copyright, you just click and I assume.

Youre going to do this four times. so here we are at the privacy statement from freenet Law. What you do is, you start by I highlight this that says Name. Copy it, and I do Control oh hang on, this is opening this in the wrong thing. I dont want to open that. Let me do that again. Im going to go in Microsoft Word. That was OpenOffice. So Im going to open it, Im going to save the file, Im going to go grab the file, and Im going to open here in Microsoft Word, which is what a lot of people have. Okay good,.

Here it is again, and enable editing. lets just make it a little bigger for you to see. Lets go to 150%. Okay, great. So over here, you can see there again, Name. Well thats where you put in your name or your company name. So Ive done Control H I find Name, and I change it with Tim Levy Associates. Now once Ive done that, amazingly, this is actually now all about my company. Thats terrific. The next thing you need to do is you need to go through and anywhere, where its got square brackets, like that , you.

Need to decide is that sentence relevant to my website? this one says, the copyright is owned by Tim Levy Associates, and its licensors Well, do I have any licensors? No. So I would go ahead and delete that. Then down here, heres another square bracket and it says, I grant you the worldwide rights to print pages from this website for your own personal and noncommercial use Well that sounds good to me, because I dont want people to sell my stuff. So I take away the square brackets and leave the copy and.

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